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Communications service providers (CSPs) have found new ways to serve their customers more profitably and not just focus on increasing their customer base. The emergence of Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization (SDN-NFV) continues to influence CSPs’ strategies and operational decisions. CSPs face a dual challenge to improve their top-line revenue while streamlining their business operations. The key focus areas include improving time-to-market, achieving right first time (RFT), and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

As the communications sector shifts its strategic focus towards adopting these agile, innovative digital technologies, we see a significant emphasis on:

  • Building comprehensive digital capability and self-service features
  • Ensuring network virtualization and optimization
  • Providing enhanced value-added services
  • Building platforms to cross-integrate with other verticals
  • Ensuring reliable, flexible, and superior service quality networks
  • Monetizing data, infrastructure, and services
  • Building new business and commercial models

Solutions for the Enterprise segment

Digital Experience Layer

Single platform delivering seamless and consistent experience across touch points.

Digital Experience Layer

Virtusa’s Digital Experience Layer helps CSPs eliminate fragmented customer journeys while at the same time, deliver seamless and consistent experience across channels. Our solution overlays on existing legacy systems, enhances customer experience, reduces total cost of ownership and enables faster time-to-market. Additionally, it reimagines the customer journey, identifies areas for process and system optimization, and creates cross-channel modular components. The key features of our solution include:

  • Single platform providing omnichannel capabilities (online, mobile, and gateways)
  • Dynamic sales catalogue providing flexibility for users to change product bundles
  • 360-degree subscriber view to provide static and dynamic view of the customer
  • Inbuilt data and analytics engine to recommend centralized real-time offers based on customer segmentation
  • Modular components across the platform to drive configurability (70%) and reusability (60%) and scalability to accelerate time-to-market
  • API driven architecture across the components to drive self-service and integration capabilities

An omnichannel view for a seamless and consistent customer experience across channels

Intelligent Network Decision Support System

Proactive and preventive network management driving network efficiency while optimizing network performance

Intelligent Network Decision Support System

Virtusa’s Network Decision Support System suite offers proactive network monitoring capabilities to CSPs to stay ahead of competition. CSPs need to uniquely position themselves to champion network and device monitoring solutions and services given their role delivering connectivity and storage solutions such as LAN, WAN, VPN, IPVPN, access, and data centers to a wide variety of businesses. Virtusa has developed and implemented this overlay Network Decision Support System solution that provides an intelligent and predictive decision support system enabling CSPs to monitor devices and optimize network utilization. Our solution measurably improves operating efficiency, creating business value for CSPs. The key features of our solution include correlational view of network, services (VAS, OTT, SaaS etc.), operations, customers, and billing in the event of network incidents, predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms to improve proactive resolution and SLA adherence and accurate identification of main fault location with specifically designed algorithms.

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Network Engineers’ app

A rules-driven test and diagnostics solution supported by a smart mobile app to facilitate real-time diagnostics and optimize workforce efficiency

Network Engineers’ app

Virtusa’s Network Engineers’ app offers a rules-driven monitoring, testing and diagnostics solution supported by a mobile app to facilitate real-time diagnostics and optimize field engineers’ efficiency. The rules driven architecture helps to:

  • Adopt newer products, services and network technologies to expand diagnostic capabilities
  • Increase up sell/cross sell opportunities to improve topline revenue
  • Resolve the problems in achieving early Right First Time (RFT) to enhance customer experience

The Mobile app helps in seamless integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Network Management System (NMS) & Test & Diagnostic Tools to provide customer insights, historical analysis of networks and fault location tracking.

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