Customer service transformation

Delivering valuable service experiences through personalization 

Customer service is no longer just a support function. It has become a powerful driver of growth for organizations. With the adoption of new technologies, processes, and mindsets, businesses can provide more efficient and effective customer service that caters to the demands of their customers. 

The pandemic has caused disruptions to customer service centers, forcing organizations to rethink their strategies. However, leading organizations have identified and prioritized critical differentiators to create a positive customer experience. This includes remodeling traditional customer journeys, selecting the right platforms, and infusing next-gen technologies.

Businesses can meet customer expectations and drive better business outcomes by investing in customer service transformation. Customer service is no longer just a cost center but a strategic asset that can lead to growth and success.

At Virtusa, we help our clients transform their customer service using next-gen digital technologies, AI-driven self-service, cloud adoption, and modernization

 We have organized our automation approach around the channel-less delivery of customer-centric business processes.

Virtusa’s service transformation offers a single pane of glass whereby relevant data acquired from underlying sources of truth is spring-loaded. We use advanced and contextually aware case management, knowledge management, and adaptive next-best-action artificial intelligence to make all of your agents as good as your best agents. Our contact center modernization delivers true service agent empowerment, resulting in a differentiated customer experience.

We help with compelling omnichannel experiences to solve customer issues quickly through:

  • Accelerated transparent service resolution by persisting channel-less interactions across departmental boundaries, using process digitization and intelligent automation. 
  • Deflection channel enablement reduces operational costs and improves the customer and agent experience.
  • Proactive/pre-emptive customer service, enabled by third-party data and artificial intelligence, detects, engages, and delivers service events before the customer initiates outreach.
Customer service transformation solutions

Customer service transformation approach

Our customer service transformation approach relies heavily on ​our mature OPTIMA consulting paradigm:​ Organization, Process, and Technology Improvement Methodology Accelerated (OPTIMA)​. OPTIMA is a methodology that can quickly assess, clarify, and prototype a future vision for our clients. Our implementation projects have a higher rate of success because of the clarity and agreement we have with stakeholders.​

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