Virtusa’s HealthBot

The current crisis has accelerated the adoption of telehealth solutions globally, making healthcare more accessible to all. Virtusa’s HealthConnect is a telehealth solution that provides patients with affordable and convenient access to medical health experts through digital channels. HealthBot, a vital component of the HealthConnect platform, is a digital self-assessment and self-scheduling tool that helps improve patient access to remote care and boosts patient acquisition/retention.

The HealthBot gauges the severity of the patient’s health conditions with an adaptive questionnaire and recommends the type of care needed.

In case patients want to visit the doctor, it helps them book an appointment with the preferred doctor through the self-scheduling tool. If patients want to talk to a live agent, the HealthBot can easily switch to the agent mode. 

Some of the key benefits offered are:

  • Improves patient experience with a hassle-free self-scheduling tool that reduces the need for staff intervention and speeds up the appointment booking process.
  • Allows patients to access remote, safe healthcare 24/7 through self-service tools that help them understand their health conditions and book appointments virtually
  • Improves provider efficiency by managing trivial tasks like appointment scheduling and basic patient assessment with a virtual self-service tool at a reduced cost
  • Integrates with the provider’s EMR using FHIR API so that all progress notes are seamlessly imported into the provider’s system
  • Decreases paperwork digitization, frees up staff from repetitive tasks, and lets them focus on more critical activities like patient care and medical billing
  • Connects providers to a vast network of specialists registered on the HealthConnect platform expanding their reach beyond the in-house doctors
HealthBot Features
  • Allows patients to query medically qualified information for self-care
  • Integrates three main functionalities: triage, appointment scheduler, and insurance validation
  • Can be accessed through the web chat portal and MS Teams
  • Analytical dashboard developed using Azure services and Power BI helps:
    • Providers analyze patients’ health conditions and behavior statistics through clinical analytics dashboard
    • Hospital admin team get insights into patients’ interaction statistics through operational analytics dashboard
  • Ensures complete security, reliability, and cost efficiency with a MS well-architected framework
  • Can be integrated with FHIR API, custom APIs, LUIS models, or any knowledge base

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