Healthy Patient Platform

Contact center solutions for life sciences

Our customizable platform features rules-driven intelligent automation to guide Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) through each customer interaction. Build loyalty and improve outcomes with patient-centric capabilities at your fingertips.

Virtusa anticipates your customer's needs and aligns them to your offerings through personalized and memorable interactions. We serve multiple life science segments:

- Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

- Medical devices and diagnostics

- Distribution

- Contract Research Organizations(CRO)

Data from across the continuum of care goes through a normalization and deduplication process, allowing a full picture of population trends, patient progress, and point of care opportunities.

Virtusa Cloud

The Virtusa cloud aggregates data from multiple sources and third-party vendors create a single patient view to support informed decision-making. Our clients have seen the following benefits:

  • Operational agility and scaling
  • Ability to react quickly to opportunities
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Improve deployment environment
  • More modern computing approach

Patient-centric design

Whether you are serving patients, physicians, or caregivers, our omnichannel personalized solutions are designed to serve the common goal of improving patient care. We facilitate a seamless experience supported by outcome-based analytics and social integration.

Enhanced Analytics and UX/UI

Empowered by robotic process automation (RPA), data aggregation from multiple sources and third party vendors provide a single patient view. In-depth population and predictive analytics and unique visualizations on the cloud support informed decision-making.

Internet of Things

Regulation-compliant solutions that proactively manage risk while supporting a connected experience for treatment, consultations, monitoring, and care coordination. Real-time, and asynchronous store-and-forward capabilities across a range of devices and modalities.


Solution highlights

  • Engage patients and proactively identify and manage risk in a shifting compliance environment
  • Design and manage adverse events (AE) programs from intake to reporting through our robotic process automation services
  • Fully automate AE intake from multiple channels to alleviate reliance on voluntary patient and provider reporting

Client benefits

  • Build patient loyalty through ongoing, automated communications clearly defined next steps and access to care plans
  • Quickly onboard a patient into a care plan, making the process more efficient for them and thus easier to follow
  • View patient history and quickly tailor patient therapy based on the disease classification and need

Patient Adherence

Solution highlights

  • Identify and manage members through claims information
  • Communicate with provider staff and contribute to provider-led population health and quality programs driven by clinical data
  • Use solution without dependence on wi-fi connection; most recently accessed data always available

Client benefits

  • Enhance cost and quality of care through proactive management of individual members, provider relationships, and quality programs
  • Help consolidate utilization, disease, and case management processes to a single platform and enable delivery of varied patient-centric programs
  • Maintain and improve service levels


Solution highlights

  • Remove barriers to patient care and enhance patient-physician relationships through multichannel interactions and real-world analytics
  • Add your long term care and home care patient data, which automatically syncs upon connecting to the Internet
  • Allow remote monitoring of patient conditions data

Client benefits

  • Minimize communication barriers through modularized platform communication tools that allow tailoring for unique patient needs
  • Allow Allied Health members to use remote devices to access and retrieve data from any field location anytime, and anywhere

Patient Journey Solutions

Solution highlights

  • Design personalized platforms using unique patient journey mapping solutions
  • Establish next-generation patient recruitment, patient assistance, medication adherence, and nurse care management
  • Coordinate superior care across payers, providers, life sciences companies, and patients with fully customizable applications

Client benefits

  • Statistically track adherence and determine improvements in care plan and therapy adherence
  • Receive patient journey feedback using crossindustry partner communication to improve patient journey and ultimately better outcomes
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