Healthcare cloud solutions

Achieving operational agility through cloud migration 

With increasing needs for application modernization, DevOps, and adoption of data lakes from IoT and big data, virtual care is becoming commonplace. Cloud computing takes center stage in this new order as enhancements to security address the final areas of concern payers and providers using cloud-based solutions for back-office needs. Healthcare migration to the cloud is necessary to adopt cloud solutions for sales and marketing, customer service, care management, provider network, finance, and analytics.

Virtusa's Health Cloud Services integrate the entire patient care ecosystem into one unified platform. Our solution promotes collaboration among patients, providers, and payers to deliver more effective care while improving business processes that drive efficiency and cost savings. Our solution offers a complete patient and member view, drives intelligent care collaboration, and helps engage patients, members, and caregivers on any channel and device. Our expertise in digital transformation assures accelerated implementation and reduced business complexities. Our expertise in cloud assessments, migration, implementation, and leading partnerships with Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, and others ensure successful deployment of cloud technology.

Cloud order platform

Manage the complete product lifecycle management with a tool designed to help companies produce accurate and highly configured quotes and address complex product, pricing, and business rules in real-time.

Virtusa’s cloud order platform is an end-to-end automated solution on the Salesforce platform, which manages the complete product life cycle management from order to cash. Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) is a sales tool designed to help companies produce accurate and highly configured quotes to address complex product, pricing, and business rules in real-time. The product configurator for better contact management, chat management, social media connection, and reporting Value delivered:

  • Better contact management saves close to 1000 minutes for a manager if he/she needs to assign contacts to the right agents. Time spent in assigning contacts to agents is directly proportional to the number of contacts per program
    • Prioritizing contacts for agents so that they can tap in on the right contact at the right time and convert the prospect into a customer
    • Auto-updates to prospect status
    • Popups/message bar reminding about follow-ups
    • Internal prioritizing of contacts within groups A, B & C
  • Better chat management ‚ at present, CISCO is supporting geographical chat during work hours. We can extend this feature by using BOTs and predefined scripts, thus improving customer experience and reduce FTE
  • Better social media connection‚ build intelligence to map message sender with internal customer and draw products which are hailing or failing ‚ very important for revenue forecasting
  • Better reporting
    • Contact data by revenue, grouping, responses
    • Agent performance by revenue
    • Create tickets/groups/categories and provide a resolution database
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