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Salesforce consulting services

When it launched in 1999, Salesforce intended to revolutionize customer relationship management (CRM) via a cloud-based model. By nearly all standards, it succeeded: Today, Salesforce’s market cap is USD 255 billion. Its products are highly sought after by companies who want to track customer interactions and sales data, and then use this data to improve their operations.

As a fledgling company, Salesforce made headlines when its employees staged a “theatrical protest,” per, that demanded an “end to software.” In reality, Salesforce was reimagining software. Their products, available via a subscription service, marked the beginnings of Software-as-a-Service. The SaaS market continues to expand impressively, and McKinsey experts posit that it might be worth $10 trillion by 2030.

Salesforce milestones include its 2015 entry into the Fortune 500; the 2016 launch of Einstein AI, a CRM-supporting AI technology; and the 2023 launch of Einstein’s successor, Einstein GPT, in 2023.

In 2020, Salesforce resources helped companies worldwide as they struggled with the pandemic’s impact on work; new offerings included Salesforce Care and Vaccine Cloud.

Given Salesforce’s impressive rise, its large suite of offerings, and its relevance in a world that is increasingly reliant on cloud-based technology, Salesforce consulting services can feel particularly welcome for Salesforce users who are new to the platform. These service providers are expertly skilled in installing Salesforce products, training employees on using them, and helping businesses maximize this usage to produce better business outcomes.

Enlisting Salesforce consulting services can generate the following business benefits:

  • Smooth implementation of Salesforce offerings  
  • Mitigation of issues typically associated with any software deployment (e.g., integration challenges, data mismanagement, staffing shortages during training sessions, poor preparation for system changeovers, and dependency conflicts) 
  • Customization of the Salesforce product to satisfy unique business needs
  • Increased knowledge about cost savings associated with an efficient use of Salesforce
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