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What are top banking technology solutions?

Banking technology solutions is a broad term for a range of technology solutions available to financial institutions. These solutions are designed to assist financial services companies with business functionalities through expert service, pre-built infrastructures, and web hosting. Rather than having to create everything from scratch, banking technology solutions allow banks and credit unions to start their digital transformation using the building blocks provided.

Banking technology solutions allow the financial services firms to interact with their client base through new avenues. By bringing banking systems online, financial institutions are able to serve their customers in a variety of ways that retail operating models cannot. This can be through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assess risk and automate tasks, or through Open Banking, which allows banks and customers more freedom for sharing data.  Customers expect regulatory compliance from their banking and financial services, and the use of AI and machine learning (ML) can be used to improve efficiencies and enable risk management to ensure compliance with different regulatory bodies.

The use of different technological solutions ensures that customer experience is the top priority. Rather than spending time building solutions from the ground up, existing solutions can be leveraged to create an online presence that is tailored to the needs of the individual bank or credit union. This enables the institution to pinpoint what their clientele wants and focus on meeting those needs.  


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Banking technology solutions come in many varieties that can be implemented as needed. Some of the key solutions focus on:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions: The applications of AI and ML are ever-expanding, and some of the existing benefits for financial institutions include enhanced risk analysis, verification of regulatory compliance, and improving customer experience strategies. These automated services can catch issues and send an automatic notification with suggestions on how to address them, as well as identifying customer trends in order to identify new areas of potential revenue.

  • Open Banking Solutions: Open Banking is currently required in European markets and is rapidly spreading through the rest of the word. Rather than struggling through the API economy, these solutions enable the financial service industry to quickly adopt Open Banking and participate in the growing digital banking economy.

  • Capital Markets: Technological solutions can be integrated through the front, middle, and back-office to empower participation and to automatically search for trends worth investigating. Automation can further help identify customers who may be interested in the capital market, allowing for clear opportunities for engagement.

  • Cards & Payments Solutions: Digital solutions enable financial institutions to keep up with the ways people spend money. Rather than relying on cash, today many consumers only carry credit cards, and sometimes rely entirely on their smartphones to make payments. Digital and mobile payments that can be delivered in real-time are necessary to keep up with customer demands.

  • Corporate & Retail Banking Solutions: Digital banking solutions are relevant throughout all areas of the financial industry. These can include client lifecycle management, product recommendation engines, smart automation, and even smart lending. There are solutions available to assist with any banking demographic.
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