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Omnichannel Customer Experience

What is the Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) refers to the seamless experience a customer has across several different channels, be they email, mobile apps, webpages, and more. An example of this would be a consumer beginning a transaction on their computer and later accessing that company's app on a mobile device and finding their "cart" intact, right where they left off.  Omnichannel CX improves customer satisfaction with its "always open" feel, allowing customers to interact with a brand across multiple channels within each of their shopping experiences.

Additional touchpoints on the customer journey that are enhanced by omnichannel CX include live chat abilities, relevant upsell recommendations based on a customer's preferences, real-time updates to their mobile device, and omnichannel marketing. All of these touchpoints present opportunities for customer interactions with the brand and company, and a chance to offer an omnichannel experience, seamlessly transitioning the user experience from a brick and mortar store to any digital channel.

Omnichannel CX differs from Multi-channel CX. While multi-channel CX offers the same various channels, they are not connected, nor can they communicate with each other. For example, the above customer would start their transaction on their computer, then have to restart it on their smartphone, without any saved search or cart data.

However, the customer journey does not end with a purchase. Omnichannel CX also involves customer support. Customer support staff can access real-time records of a customer's previous interactions through varied digital channels, making support calls efficient and smooth for both employees and customers. By mapping out the customer journey, from the initial point of contact, through the abandoned carts and retargeting, through the sale, through the post-purchase customer service, to the continued engagement for future sales, businesses can visualize the best approach for their omnichannel CX.

What are the business benefits of an Omnichannel Customer Experience?

  • Customer retention - Creating a seamless transition between online and offline experiences encourages customers to continue interacting with a brand after they leave the store or the website. Access to several different avenues for transactions and customer service inspires customer confidence that their needs will be met on and offline.

  • Expanded reach - Enabling your customers to reach you through various channels without losing their cart or view history creates additional options for your customers to interact with your brand. Customer engagement through email, social media, web pages, chatbots, and more encourages customers to see your brand everywhere they are.

  • Personalized experience - Continuous visibility and real-time analytics of customer views, saves, favorites, carts, purchases, and returns allow for data-backed insight into customer preferences. Speaking to customers through the channels they prefer and recommending similar styles to the sold-out items they have favorited are clear opportunities for added sales and inspiring brand loyalty. 

  • Data quality - Omnichannel CX can gather customer behavior data across all channels. Therefore, your company has access to invaluable data on customer behavior and preferences, which you can use to better allocate funds and support. If your company has assets and employees tied up in a channel that is producing low returns and lower satisfaction rates, you have the needed visibility to make value-added changes.
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