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Today’s consumers have high expectations for their products — especially when those products are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and employ artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

When shopping, consumers now seek out intelligent products that make daily life more convenient. Popular examples include IoT-supported home security systems, air quality monitors, and wearables (e.g., smartwatches, fitness trackers, biosensors, and virtual reality headsets). 

Companies typically lack the in-house resources to build such products, and they increasingly depend on outside product design and development services. These consultancy services can shepherd companies through the entire product development process and life cycle, from conception to launch.

In their work with enterprises, product design services consultants shoulder a number of responsibilities: They might assume project management roles, perform data analytics, brainstorm product ideas, perform market research, and monitor success over the long term. Following the collaborative concept development phase, a dedicated team of engineers will begin the testing phase.

If a company already has a team of in-house product designers, outside consultants can still provide valuable services. They can supplement product life cycle management by introducing rapid prototyping services, product engineering solutions, innovative product design, and design thinking services. Consultants are familiar with this rapidly changing landscape, and they can provide companies with a unique formula for successful digital product design.

When a business invests in product innovation consultancy services, it receives dividends in the form of an elevated user experience (UX), a streamlined product or service, and the chance to establish a unique foothold in a market that is only becoming more competitive. 

Business benefits of custom product development and product development services include:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Sales optimization
  • Better visual appeal
  • Fewer customer complaints and higher customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)
  • Increased customer engagement and customer stickiness
  • Customer journey optimization
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