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Azure cloud consulting services

First introduced in 2010, the Azure cloud platform has helped countless businesses build, run, and manage applications on the cloud. Currently, Azure boasts over 90 portfolio offerings, USD 1 billion invested in cybersecurity efforts to protect customer data, and impressive revenue growth.

Customers can cherry-pick from Azure’s many offerings and services, which include application development; cloud migration; data, analytics, AI; and hybrid cloud and infrastructure. With the help of trusted Microsoft partners and Azure cloud consulting services, Azure helps clients realize the potential of diverse cloud services.

Microsoft Azure’s pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing option is a big draw for many of its clients. (This model is common in the cloud computing industry, which has generally considered cloud costs to be operating expenses [OpEx], not capital expenses [CapEx], though this designation may shift.) Per Microsoft, the PAYG model enables customers to avoid an upfront deposit, paying instead only for services used. Customers also receive complimentary services, up to a point; for example, Azure Functions remains perpetually free if the customer stays under the threshold of one million requests. Additionally, the stoppage of Azure services includes no termination fee. 

Azure cloud consulting services can bring ease and expertise to a cloud migration, which — even in the best circumstances — is a complex process. Cloud consultants deeply understand the Azure landscape, and they can help their clients seize Azure opportunities that might elude the casual viewer. Per Microsoft Azure, these opportunities and business benefits include the following:

  • End-to-end life cycle management
  • A diversity of application offerings (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and open-source software)
  • Deployment of resources at scale
  • Expert knowledge of DevOps and SysOps 
  • Web application modernization
  • A 99.99% high-availability SLA
  • Robust data security via disk encryption
  • Cost optimization via Azure reservations, Azure Spot Virtual Machines, Azure savings plan for compute, and Azure Hybrid Benefit
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