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Software delivery

While “software delivery” can describe any part of the software development life cycle (SDLC), the term typically refers to the final phases of production and deployment.

A company’s approach to software delivery will likely involve either an agile model or a waterfall model. The waterfall model is the traditional project management model, as it contains linear and sequential phases. It is also not iterative, and phases are not revisited once completed. In contrast, agile approaches are adaptable and flexible. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years.

LTS Group noted the benefits of combining agile methodology, DevOps, and continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) during a software delivery. Similarly, TheServerSide, an online solution company, praised the use of agile methodology specifically for software delivery and development projects: “It makes sense to use a Waterfall methodology to build a house. … For software development, such rigidity isn't helpful.”

Software delivery best practices include testing early and often; smoothly transferring and communicating data; prioritizing quality and functionality; breaking down silos; implementing targeted releases; and operating with the company’s end users in mind. Unit tests provide software engineers with a thorough review of a product’s individual components.

Most importantly, the best software delivery managers will plan for the unexpected, as effective software delivery goes hand in hand with resilience.

Effective software delivery processes help companies realize their business goals and achieve the following:

  • Faster development and time to market, allowing for increased revenues and a competitive advantage
  • Faster insights regarding customer preferences and areas of improvement
  • Fast and effective feedback loops
  • Greater collaboration among teams and individual team members; no silos and isolated work
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction with the software product 
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