AI Analytics

AI analytics uses Artificial intelligence (AI) tools when evaluating and unifying data patterns to predict customer behaviors and make accurate business decisions. Data analysts spend 80% of their time cleaning, organizing data, and AI analytics saves them time. Analyzing data traditionally is time-consuming, but AI can crunch data much faster because it is automated and tests many different combinations. Data scientists can answer questions more efficiently about data and provide solutions for organizations based on AI-powered findings.

Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, and works with AI analytics. ML algorithms recognize data characteristics and patterns to identify issues in real-time. Once data is processed, ML develops a set of rules and models for the data. ML often works with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to study a human language, which organizations can use to build translation, spell check, and other language applications.

What are the key business benefits of AI analytics?

Organizations are getting on board with AI for data management because of these key benefits:

  • Deeper data. AI systems discover and research patterns and insights in large amounts of data that data analysts can’t do traditionally.
  • Unified data. Organizations can use the fast pace and efficiency of AI-backed analytics to pull together data across various sources.
  • Unparalleled speed. AI analytics works faster than technical teams of humans, can produce faster results, enabling organizations to make decisions instantaneously sometimes.
  • Bias-free. AI analytics takes the bias out of data analysis that occurs because of human error.
  • Targeted. AI crunches data and provides specific answers for business problems.
  • Frees employees up to be creative. Since the data analysis becomes automated, data scientists and business leaders and decision makers can focus on other duties.
  • Mitigated risk. Deeper data and insights lead to more sound business decisions.
  • Elevated customer service. AI analytics lends to better data on customer behavior and patterns.
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