Digital optimization

Funding digital acceleration through cost optimization

Uncertain business environments call for changes in IT strategy

As a business owner and key decision-maker, you are avidly aware of your business environment. Combine this knowledge with cost headwinds due to input price inflation, supply shortages, and policy uncertainty, and you are due for changes in your IT strategy. These factors make it even more critical to approach budget and spending decisions systematically. Company executives must re-evaluate the relationship between IT costs and the value IT brings to the business.

Introducing Virtusa’s Digital Optimization solution

Accelerating digital to become future-ready.

Digital optimization encompasses digital acceleration, process transformation, and value maximization to help you prudently cut costs while speeding up your modernization agenda.

Virtusa accelerates your path to becoming more digital, eliminates tech debt, improves customer and employee journeys, and aligns organizational structure to improve your company’s Net Promoter Score.

  • Application portfolio rationalization, tech debt elimination
  • Enterprise architecture assessment and roadmap
  • Organizational structure alignment around business value
  • Automation, AI-ML to solve business problems
  • Cloud advisor, migration and modernization.
  • Cloud economics, cloud run and AI-enabled managed services
  • Data modernization and data analytics
  • Conversational AI
  • Data analytics
Cost Optimization Services

Making processes robust to become more agile and responsive

Virtusa helps eliminate business and process debt (Business and Tech), automate processes, implement Agile/DevSecOps, thus improving your responsiveness to client needs and boosting employee productivity.

  • Process Rationalization (Business and Tech)
  • Digital Process Automation
  • Agile/DevSecOps, Quality Engineering
  • LCNC
Eliminating, rationalizing, and renegotiating costs to maximize value

Virtusa helps optimize your IT spending through workforce and vendor optimization, location and license rationalization without compromising on quality or timeliness of delivery.

  • Workforce Optimization
  • Vendor Consolidation/Optimization
  • Location Optimization
  • Cloud Spend Optimization
  • Software License Rationalization
  • Test Automation
  • Monetization
  • Financial Innovation

Virtusa’s Digital Optimization solution includes agile transformation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data architecture, cloud modernization, modeling, simulation, connected technologies, and augmented and virtual reality.

Cost Optimization Services

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