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Applied AI services

Applied AI services refer to artificial intelligence (AI) tools that enhance business operations, making these products and services easier to implement and operate. 

Applied AI services can improve data management, data modernization, business intelligence (BI) visualization, strategy, and more. Machine learning services, machine learning consulting, AI consulting, AI development, and AI integration services are all included in the applied AI services umbrella. 

Per GreenM, use cases for applied AI services include AI-powered data visualization, AI-driven automated report generation, and AI-serviced business analytics platforms. Because AI algorithms can analyze and process data so quickly, real-time data analysis can help people make better, faster, and more highly informed decisions.

Applied AI services also assist with anomaly detection, facial recognition, pattern recognition, accompanying fraud detection, personalized learning recommendations for students, and content moderation for certain audiences.

AI implementation is complex, especially for businesses that exist outside the tech and AI space. As artificial intelligence tools continue to evolve rapidly, AI consulting services exist to help companies navigate this unfamiliar and changing landscape. 

The power of AI ultimately rests with the human engineers and experts who implement it. By hiring AI consulting services, businesses can feel confident that they are leveraging all of the capabilities of their applied AI services. Consultants examine how the right AI tools can add value to the business, and they tailor AI solutions to the company’s needs.

The benefits of applied AI services are many

Besides improving human decision-making, applied AI reduces human error; increases efficiency; redirects employees away from tedious and repetitive tasks and toward ones that require deeper thought; increases cost savings, and decreases waste.

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