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Virtusa delivers superior experiences through digital business transformation. We believe in innovation through experimentation. Information Services providers consist of a blend of data, analytics, software, services, tech, and publishing companies, who deliver information and next-gen analytics to professional and business customers across various industries. The priorities of their business reflect the challenges and opportunities arising from intelligent and data-driven technologies that have been born from the convergence of content, technology, software, devices, people, and workflows.


Services built around key industry drivers
Services built around key industry drivers
  • Data Monetization
    Data monetization is the new gold rush! CIOs are under constant pressure to generate revenue out of it. To stay ahead in the competitive landscape, there is a need for organizations to keep pace with the customer demand and strategically plan for improved business outcomes.
  • IoT
    IoT enables cost drivers and empowers additional revenues for the information services providers. There is a tremendous value in implementing the right technologies like IoT to improve operational efficiency and strengthen business.
  • Big Data
    The industry is moving towards big data, and it helps in deriving various business benefits like operational efficiency, cost reduction, customer centricity, and higher returns.
  • Regulatory Demands
    The scale of regulatory change is unprecedented. Non-compliance will lead to huge penalties. To maintain high-performance, companies should respond to regulatory initiatives and must ensure compliance.

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