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What is Application Development?

Application development involves the creation of a program or set of programs to perform various tasks required by a business. Most applications generally support word processors, graphics creation, databases and more; and are supported by development platform, which consists of an operating system and a computer monitor. Regardless of the type of application involved, the app-building process always follows the same cadence: gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

Organizations leverage software applications to achieve growth. They often look to customized solutions that are next-level scalable, secure, low maintenance applications to address their individual business requirements and desire for innovation in a rapidly changing environment.

Today, trends in application development are increasingly reaching an audience beyond top tier companies. Sophisticated, feature rich apps once relegated to larger organizations are becoming increasingly democratized, putting them within reach of companies of all sizes. This trend is being realized through developers who are interjecting careful thought and creativity into the development process, by taking holistic, low-code, platform, multi-functional, and automated approaches to creating apps, with positive results.

Application development falls into various categories to address specific, critical business needs with succinct benefits and offers:

  • Custom Application Development is a great alternative to software developed as off-the-shelf solution that is unable to meet specific business requirements.

  • Large-scale, global organizations often rely on Enterprise Application Development to support automated business processes and data storage.

  • To meet data handling requirements, Database Application Development creates targeted solutions to sort, calculate and communicate data.

  • Low-Code Application Development features an intuitive design with minimal code requirements that allows key stakeholders from across an organization to build and launch multiplatform applications.

  • Mobile Application Development focuses on building software modules for use on Android or iOS mobile platforms.

  • If time is a factor, RAD or Rapid Application Development focuses on the concurrent development of individual modules of an application to significantly reduce delivery times.

  • Web Application development involves software creation for applications that will be hosted on a web server, from ecommerce sites to social networks.
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