Customer experience transformation

Provide unparalleled customer experiences with an integrated platform

A customer-focused mindset is critical to the delivery of exceptional customer, employee, and partner experiences. At the same time, companies must keep pace with rapidly evolving technology to provide a top-notch customer experience (CX). Organizational mergers and acquisitions generate technical debt that can hamper digital transformation efforts. When this happens, different business units may start to work more independently, resulting in data silos and disconnected platforms.

Our approach

Virtusa’s consultative and engineering-led approach empowers organizations to provide exceptional CX on a robust digital experience platform.

Our experience offering enhances customer experience across the omnichannel journey for businesses to outperform their competition with the right technology adoption that facilitates.

  • Faster time to market
  • Improved customer acquisition
  • Improved marketing actions
  • Get the best out of customer experience platforms
  • Increased ROI from MarTech investment 
  • Increased trust and customer loyalty
  • Consistent experience to customers 
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Realtime data-driven experiences
Customer Experience Transformation Services - Our Approach

Comprehensive solutions for digital marketing advancement

Virtusa blends engineering and consulting to deliver customer-focused solutions. Our Digital Marketing Maturity Model (DM3) resolves complex issues and creates an integrated customer experience platform. With Virtusa, clients can enhance their MarTech return on investment (ROI), unleash the potential of CX platforms, and achieve a high level of digital marketing maturity.

Our engineering strategy creates a strong foundation for digital experience platforms and data-driven experiences. It generates exceptional customer journeys by incorporating hyper-personalization, full omnichannel support, empowered employees, journey analytics, AI/ML automation, and self-service options.


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