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The 2006 launch of Amazon S3, by Amazon Web Services (AWS), marked a watershed moment for cloud technology and cloud consulting services. 

The Amazon subsidiary began to expand rapidly. In 2012, AWS founded — and then quickly extended — the AWS Partner Network, which now includes 130,000 partners across over 200 countries. In 2012, AWS hosted its first major conference, re:Invent, as a learning event for the global cloud computing community. (The conference is now held yearly and generates major interest.) In 2016, Amazon Web Services became more profitable than Amazon’s entire North American retail business.  

Today, AWS Professional Services, which offers AWS Cloud consulting services, delivers business outcomes for its diverse set of customers, including 21st Century Fox, Intuit, Siemens, Hulu, Samsung, Hilton, and Nestle. When engaging with clients, AWS determines their goals and desired business outcomes – the start and end points of the cloud consulting services journey – and then follows a plan to successfully align (“define outcomes and align stakeholders”), launch (“pilot a set of enabling technologies”), scale (“expand pilots to full desired scope”), and optimize (“continually refine production solutions”). 

This information, and more, is available on, which is also a repository of information regarding cloud computing and AWS Cloud consulting services. Available assets include white papers, blog posts, podcasts, news, and “AWS Prescriptive Guidance.” Interested customers can find advice on mobilizing large-scale cloud migrations, methods and best practices for accelerated cloud adoption, example code, and reference architecture. In the “Blog posts and articles” section, AWS experts weigh in. 

Per Amazon Web Services, the benefits of employing cloud consulting services are many. Below are a few examples, which are also available on

  • Modernized data infrastructure
  • Reduction in time-to-results with high-performance computing 
  • Migration of legacy contact center infrastructure to the AWS Cloud 
  • The simulation and testing of robotic applications — in the cloud, and at scale
  • Robust governance and the adoption of agile practices for IT operations
  • Leveraging of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)
  • Application and leveraging of engineering best practices
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