Delivering resilient retail experiences with new-age technologies and applied innovation

Today’s consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before. With an always-on and always “plugged in” retail landscape, the demand on retail brands increases as customers expect continuous engagement over multiple channels. Plus, the pandemic adding severely fluctuating demand and supply constraints add to these challenges leaves brands even more to consider. 

How do you meet your customers’ needs when interactions mainly occur through screens and inventory may be unavailable at any minute? You can do both by developing a resilient and differentiated business model. 

The retail industry needs to adapt quickly to provide consumers with a seamless experience across channels, including personalized product recommendations, loyalty programs, and unparalleled service.

At Virtusa, we combined our digital engineering with our deep domain expertise to shape solutions for the entire retail value chain. We help clients in all areas, including, service design, macro and micro consumer journey mapping, intelligent store operations, demand and supply planning, and procurement and fulfillment.

Our capabilities include:

Unified Commerce

Customer personalization through segmentation, integration, and analytics.
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Point of Sale

Point of sales systems integrations.
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AI-powered, omnichannel, and integrated  merchandise planning solutions. 
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Cloud Transformation

Reduce TCO through data and infrastructure transformation on the cloud.
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Supply Chain Resiliency

Connected value network for supply and demand management.
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AI | ML Strategy

Bringing predictivity into your supply and demand with personalization and promotions.
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Data Engineering & Analytics

Reimagine customer experience using data as a strategic lever to demystify consumer behaviors.
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Solutions for absolute transparency and traceability.
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Back of Office

ERP and cloud – right from product selection to implementation to roll out.
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Our minimum viable products (MVPs), solution accelerators, and frameworks include:


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