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Today's consumers are more digitally savvy than ever and expect continuous engagement across multiple channels.

The retail industry must develop resilient and ever-evolving business models to provide consumers with a seamless multi-channel experience, personalized product recommendations, loyalty programs, and unparalleled service.

Virtusa combines digital engineering with deep domain expertise to shape solutions for the entire retail value chain. We help our clients across all areas, including service design, macro and micro consumer journey mapping, intelligent store operations, demand and supply planning, and procurement and fulfillment. 

Our team of experts offers over 15 years of experience in delivering cutting edge technology and consulting solutions focusing on productivity, cost, and customer experience to affect business outcomes positively.


Retail industry solutions

At Virtusa, our Digital First approach mindset and diverse team of experts offer tailored technology and consulting solutions to ensure companies capture the total value of their cloud transformation.


We offer various minimum viable products (MVPs), solution accelerators, and frameworks to enable automation, personalization, curation, and churn prediction.
Our minimum viable products (MVPs), solution accelerators, and frameworks include:

Marketing automation

Automated lead assignments based on customer and agent profiles and automated ad targeting.

Web and app personalization

Define and run focused campaigns on social platforms, lead generation based on social media posts

Customer vulnerability

Blending census, climate, natural hazards, and social instability data. 

Propensity modeling

Lead scoring customer value ZIP-level prediction of high/low customers


Responds to marketing queries using NLP. Learns and adapts over time to act autonomously and proactively.

Policy creation and amendment

Policy prediction based on socioeconomic, health, and environmental data. 

Advanced customer insights

Customer micro-segmentation based on first, second, and third-party data and historic online interactions.

Churn prediction

Preventive measures to avoid impacts on profitability using logistics and neural networks.

Content curation

Dynamic personalized email content creation based on adaptive models.

Empowering global businesses with transformative solutions

Learn how we helped various retail organizations modernize their applications to improve customer experience, streamline process flows, innovate ERP strategy, and mitigate potential loss.


Clearing the confusion about Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Sidheshwar Chauhan & Ramakrishna Naidu Kapa

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