Empowering clients to become Digital First

The manufacturing industry grapples with macroeconomic factors, intense competition, and continuous product innovation.

Innovative manufacturing technologies are developing exponentially, and organizations must leverage them to stay ahead. Manufacturers need smart technology partnerships, new operating models, and smart investments to benefit from the advantage of digitization.

This is where Virtusa can help you stay ahead in the competition. We have executed 100+ projects and offer rapid migrations. Our domain expertise and digital innovation drive efficiency, from streamlined supply chains to AI-enhanced experiences. Our team of experts offers technology and consulting solutions that will impact business outcomes, focusing on productivity and customer experience.  


Unlocking value with cutting-edge solutions

Our solutions empower you to optimize supply chains, gain a competitive edge through after-market services, and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. From prescriptive maintenance to Pega-based field service management, our transformative digital tech solutions drive success in complex use cases worldwide.

We empower manufacturers to gear up for the fourth industrial revolution.

With our technology heritage and deep domain expertise, we address manufacturing companies' IT challenges to help them deliver superior performance through automation and digital transformation.

Our insights

Virtusa’s technology and industry experts share knowledge on tackling today’s business and digital transformation challenges. Get key tips and insights to inspire new thinking, avoid pitfalls and drive higher results.

Learn how our WisMO tool can enhance supply chain visibility

The WiSMO (Where is My Order?) solution empowers accurate logistics decision making by providing clear visibility across the manufacturing value chain.

Elevate your manufacturing processes.

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