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Enterprises have embraced DevSecOps Automation to transform the software development lifecycle to accelerate the delivery of quality products faster to meet the demands of the dynamic market and have seen some success. Organizations that continue to strive to keep pace with the digital journey have been adopting new technologies, tools, architecture, infrastructure, and security, resulting in many moving parts leading to more complexity than ever. Enterprises are finding it challenging to keep pace to manage these complexities and scale DevSecOps automation adoption of practices, processes, and tools, and automation organization-wide. 

The key challenges organizations face are – 

  • Adoption: teams organized by technology silos make it difficult to adapt to continual change due to their narrow focus, inability to break barriers, and eliminate team gaps

  • Lack of cross-functional skilled teams for accelerating DevOps adoption 

  • Lack of skilled resources – organizations adopt DevOps practices to become agile, efficient, and responsive to market changes. However, with this growth comes a shortage of skilled DevOps

  • Focusing too much or less on tools and automation – adopting multiple tools in the market solves every aspect of automation. One size does not fit all

  • Lack of measurements: identify metrics at different levels and measure continuously to get feedback to improve continually
Virtusa's SDLC automation transformation helps you improve your Agile, DevSecOps adoption.

We enable acceleration of quality product delivery, productivity, and time to market with cost savings in a structured and accelerated way.

According to DevOps Institute's Upskilling IT Report 2023, "31% of IT leaders said a lack of skilled resources is their IT organization's most significant challenge. Virtusa has developed a highly effective framework for continuous sustainable delivery transformation. This framework, combined with a vast collection of assets and reusable templates, enables organizations to achieve speed and meaningful insights in the delivery pipeline.

We have delivered SDLC automation transformation programs for customers across industries. Some of the benefits include:  

  • 20-25% increase in deployment frequencies
  • Near zero production incidents with reduced Mean Time To recover (MTTR)
  • 80-90% build success rate
  • 2-3x improvement in lead time to changes 
  • Automation of repetitive manual tasks and process 

SDLC automation transformation-as-a-service

Virtusa's SDLC automation transformation-as-a-service advocates the right culture, process, and technological components to help enterprises meet emerging customer demands and achieve business growth. Virtusa's service offerings and plug-and-play accelerator are designed to deliver accelerated enterprise DevSecOps transformation for our customers to improve productivity and time to market at scale.


Agile Transformation at Scale 

Agile Transformation is a journey and goes through various stages of maturity. Maturity is a function of certain characteristics demonstrated by the organization plus the outcomes achieved by them. Many organizations do not produce the expected results despite showing characteristics at a particular maturity level. Therein lies the opportunity for Virtusa to help them scale the maturity curve and achieve desired outcomes.


Value Stream Transformation 

Value Stream Transformation is a holistic term for looking at an organization strategically from vantage points of enterprise Agility, Operating model(s), Value stream Implementation, DevOps and Budgeting, to arrive at the right business and architectural runway that empowers their digital transformation.

Done right, it helps organizations visualize and resolve disconnects, redundancies, and gaps in their value delivery systems—resulting in higher quality, faster delivery, lower cost, and healthier work environments.

Many organizations fail at large transformations as they don’t have a definitive means to identify, define and visualize Value, and hence they keep 'Chasing Value'. Virtusa with decades of delivery transformation experience, certified professionals and pointed solutions, is well suited to help clients realize their Value

Our key offering Areas are:

  • Enterprise Value Stream Transformation
  • Process debt and tech debt visibility and improvement
  • Automated Process & Metrics Governance  
  • VSDP (Value stream Delivery Platform) and VSMP (Value stream Management Platform) implementation
  • Product oriented delivery

Enterprise DevSecOps 

Implementation of DevSecOps involves a cultural shift and requires effective collaboration between the teams apart from the tools and processes available. Over the years, Virtusa has perfected a framework to drive measurable outcomes for our customers through Enterprise DevSecOps. This framework, combined with a rich collection of assets and reusable templates, helps organizations to achieve speed and meaningful insights into the delivery pipeline.

The offerings include:

  • Release cycle optimization
  • Developer productivity enhancement
  • Enterprise agility at scale
  • Application security in DevOps

Telemetry and observability: provide transparency and traceability at every stage of the software development lifecycle leading to continuous insights to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Engineering hub: Virtusa also provides services like DevSecOps toolchain build, DevSecOps for packaged and non-packages technologies, Automation Tech debt reduction, DevOps Centre of Excellence, and Environment management. 

Academy model: lack of skilled resources hinders transformation; Virtusa Academy program provides a Unique SWAT team to coach, implement, and assist feature teams in the transformation. The SWAT team enables bootstrapping during transformation programs, enabling faster transformation, and also coaches and helps feature teams in the DevOps adoption. 

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