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AI-based testing

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has already impacted nearly every industry, and software testing is no exception. AI-based testing builds upon previous automation testing innovations, including the early detection of bugs and a dramatic decrease in software testing time.

November 2022 marked the release of ChatGPT, a large language model-based chatbot driven by artificial intelligence. Almost immediately, software testers identified ways that ChatGPT could aid with testing. The AI-based chatbot can assist with code generation, debugging, the detection of memory leaks and code smells, and general project guidance and counseling. In its characteristically conversational and humanlike tone, ChatGPT can also offer advice related to new projects and best practices.

In general, AI-based testing greatly outpaces manual testing and improves upon the automation testing trends and innovations of recent years. AI-based testing improves test coverage and self-healing features, and it exceeds the abilities of automation testing with visual regression testing ― which, until 2023, could be accomplished only with the visual acuity of the human eye.

Business growth is driven by customer demand, and in 2023, customers demand quite a lot. Companies have felt increasing pressure to improve their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in order to meet escalating and often mercurial customer demands. Even minor changes in apps or websites can precipitate scripting errors, but these errors can be rapidly remedied with the intervention of artificial intelligence tools.

Most importantly, AI-based testing helps businesses preserve the two things they hold most dear: time and money. It is costly for teams to repeat tests each time the source code changes. While repeating tests is still critical to debugging efforts, AI can scan code rapidly and thus reduce quality assurance (QA) expenses. By delegating this task to AI, team members can focus instead on the testing of new features and on tasks that necessitate human ingenuity and thought.

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