Digital assurance

Discover, design, and deliver.

A failure to identify inefficiencies in a system impacts the software delivery and impedes the digital transformation journey. Therefore, it is crucial to establish robust value stream mapping and automation strategies enabled by an enterprise’s metrics-driven approach.   

As a leader in digital and cloud transformation with deep engineering expertise, Virtusa is well-positioned to solve challenges by offering: 

  • Best-of-breed quality engineering practices, platforms, tools, and solution accelerators

  • Experience with leading industry COTS and open-source tools

  • Sustainable talent transformation model that enables superior end-to-end engineering capabilities 
Digital Assurance Services
Digital Assurance Services
Digital Assurance Services
What differentiates Virtusa’s digital assurance services from our competitors?

Our three-phase digital assurance approach – Discover, Design, and Deliver – provides our clients end-to-end quality engineering and assurance. First, we discover and create an actionable roadmap based on our client’s current context and desired target. Then, we design a QE process to implement life cycle automation based on our findings from the discovery phase. Finally, we deliver automation leveraging our factory model.


  • Assessment: Assess the current SDLC Capability Levels by evaluating the value streams

  • Baseline Scoring: Arrive at a baseline score card for the overall performance index, capability, and practice scores

  • Actionable Roadmap: Create a roadmap that includes tool and process rationalization and the business value priority matrix


  • QE Blueprint: Setting up standardized SOPs, processes, and strategies for E2E QE (Quality Engineering) process

  • Prototyping / Piloting: Piloting of appropriate test frameworks and accelerators, enabling rapid prototyping, and implementation
  • Test Infrastructure: Design and create test infrastructure required for the QE process


  • Seamless Transition: Collaboration across teams for a flawless transition

  • Automation Coverage: Hyperautomation covers release automation, test automation, and infrastructure and operations automation

  • Test Artifacts: Run test execution to provide key deliverables in a timely fashion

  • Team Ramp-Up: Factory model comprising of a core flex team offers scaled delivery 

Benefits of our approach

  • Increase in test automation coverage by leveraging automation factory models
  • Defect reduction through continuous structural improvement across test life cycles
  • Cost savings by adopting a model-driven automation approach with continuous testing
  • Faster time to market with accelerated test life cycle 
  • Reduction in costs by using end-to-end automation
  • Productivity improvement through Shift Left methods, agile testing, and SDET deployment

Success Stories

We help clients in providing assurance as they undertake significant digital transformations in their businesses.


Our experts share knowledge on unlocking new dimensions in software testing that can help businesses strengthen their digital transformation journey.

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