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What is Marketing Technology?

Marketing Technology (MarTech) refers to the various tools and software used in marketing campaigns. MarTech ranges from email marketing software, marketing automation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and content management systems. When utilized together, these tools and technologies make up what is called a marketing technology stack. MarTech stacks encompass all the software and technology needed to facilitate more effective marketing strategies.

Email marketing has become a staple from small businesses to major marketing campaigns. Customer relationship marketing (CRM) software enables sales teams to appropriately target every segment with personalized pitches and marketing activities. Content management systems (CMS) allow for constant modification of web pages and social media posts based on trends and consumer data. Marketing automation enables sales and marketing teams to remain focused on high-level customer interactions, as automation software handles scheduled emails and nurture campaigns.

MarTech tools were created to track and analyze marketing spending, and subsequently, decide where the return on investment (ROI) warrants the spend. Marketing efforts have been difficult to measure and put a valuation on, but with MarTech tools, every action can be assigned a specific value and tracked from initiation to final sale. MarTech also provides invaluable insights into customer behavior and what takes a person from a lead to a customer. This can ultimately lead to more predictive and accurate marketing techniques going forward.

Marketing operations have entered the realm of technology so forcefully, that some have made a career of enhancing marketing with technology solutions. Marketing technologists are an amalgamation of marketing and IT problem-solvers, using technology to strengthen marketing capabilities and reach. While it may seem that MarTech is solely for digital marketing, modern marketing teams are embracing the technology to enhance all customer experiences, be they on or offline.

What are the benefits of adding Marketing Technology to your business' tech stack?

  • Personal touch - Marketing Automation, CRM software, and other analytical MarTech tools all provide a more informed picture of a lead or customer. Knowing your consumer's values and past practices allows for a more personalized pitch and a more likely sale.

  • Employee attrition - Any software or technology that reduces mundane and repetitive tasks and allows for employees to stretch their creativity can reduce employee turnover.

  • Real-time updates - People are on their phones, tablets, and computers all day long. A MarTech stack that includes content management software allows for instantly updated emails and posts. This ability also allows for a level of flexibility to react to trends, news, and competitor actions.

  • Valuation - MarTech is a great way to equate marketing dollars to sales and acquired customers. Knowing exactly how your marketing budget is spent and what techniques have the highest return is now easy to see, measure, and adjust to reflect any changes.

  • Competition - In this digital age, keeping up with technological advancements is the only way to stay competitive. Employees with time to generate inventive ideas, visibility into marketing dollars at work, and flexibility to adjust content in real-time are all competitive advantages.
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