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Integrated Workplace Management System

What is Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)?

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is a centralized system that gives facilities management personnel access to building utilization data that also includes access to relevant facility financial and accounting information. Integrated workplace management systems allow facility managers to respond quickly to the changing needs of building occupants. 

Robust IWMS solutions help optimize building maintenance through continuous monitoring and planning. IWMS allows facilities to plan ahead for upcoming maintenance based on data collected. Optimizing building maintenance can mean cost savings in the long term. 

Integrated workplace management systems allow facilities managers to take control of capital projects by ensuring expansion or remodeling project decisions can be made based on actual utilization data. IWMS solutions also include support for project management to help ensure all aspects of building projects available from a central location.

Real estate use of IWMS includes automated lease accounting features. An accurate reporting of all lease accounting data is continuously audited for compliance reporting. IWMS helps facilities better manage lease complexity throughout their real estate portfolio.

Energy conservation and cost savings are possible when facilities understand how all assets are used. IWMS helps facilities see and analyze actual usage. Facilities managers can make data-driven decisions around energy consumption.

How does an integrated workplace management system benefit businesses?

  • Streamline facilities management. A single integrated workplace management system can be used to manage information about rooms utilization, planned maintenance, capital projects, building leasing, and energy management. 

  • Reduce energy consumption. Energy consumption and utilities costs can be reduced through more efficient building utilization. Data-driven decisions around energy usage can be made when the data is available to review. IWMS systems provide a central management location for all that data in one place.

  • Decrease building maintenance costs through predictive maintenance by performing needed maintenance before serious issues arise. Forecast maintenance costs and plan ahead to limit revenue loss. 
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