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Contact centers represent an omnichannel solution to evolving customer expectations. Unlike single-mission call centers, contact centers incorporate a suite of emerging, nascent, and advanced technologies. They’re capitalizing on interactive voice response (IVR), artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and the use of social channels (e.g., Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) to answer customer concerns. While call centers focus primarily on routing inbound and outbound calls, contact centers govern many channels at once. 

Modern-day contact centers do not depend on the hardware ― or even the software ― that 20th-century call centers made ubiquitous. In 2023, customers now speak with an automated digital assistant, not a human operator, and IVR tools have improved outdated automated call distribution (ACD) technology, providing customers with intelligent routing suggestions. 

Beyond IVR, contact centers make use of many other technologies, including the following:

  • TeleTYpe/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY/TTD)
  • Knowledge management systems for agents and knowledge bases for customers 
  • Workforce management systems that help companies track and manage agents’ performance
  • Email response management systems that route customer emails to the proper agents
  •  Natural language processing (NLP) chatbots that answer customer questions in a conversational, human-like, and intelligent manner

Business benefits of an omnichannel contact center

A successful omnichannel contact center is attuned to market trends, evolving customer demands, and new technologies. Contact centers must meet customers where they are ― whether that’s on social media, through an AI-assisted chatbot, or on the other end of the phone.

Attentive, anticipatory contact center solutions have a number of benefits:

  • Customer satisfaction: Swift and helpful omnichannel assistance will keep customer frustration at bay. 
  • Inclusive service: Omnichannel solutions, including screen readers, audible text, or TTY/TTD functions, make life easier for customers with disabilities.
  • Elevated customer journeys: Customers will return more frequently to companies that offer pleasant and helpful interactions.
  • Customer insights: Analytics tools and real-time data insights can illuminate customer values, helping you meet key performance indicator (KPI) targets.
  • Cloud-based operations: Unlike an on-premises contact center, cloud-based operations can cut costs by allowing you to employ a global, remote talent pool.
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