Experience design

Unleash the power of human-centered design to deliver business value at scale.

When we lead with experience design, our goal is to steer clients toward successful outcomes. When paired with our deep engineering capabilities, our experience design solutions define the destination and the clearest route to success.

Experience-led engineering puts the emphasis where it belongs — on the outcome we’re trying to achieve and the experience we’re trying to create. Engineering should be in support of the experience. When done well, business benefits will follow. 

Virtusa’s recommendation and differentiators

With experience-led engineering, Virtusa removes the barriers that limit agencies.

We unite objective-based design, innovation, and deep technical expertise. Our Design KickStart approach, one of our experience design offerings, efficiently explores human-centered solutions to your complex problems and increases the adoption of your programs. Virtusa's engineering for adoption approach builds on the design solution, ultimately ensuring that robust security, data integrity, and privacy are integrated into customer outreach programs.

Benefits of experience-led engineering

Experience-led engineering combines human-centered design with the innovation engine of design thinking. We start with understanding the end users, whether they are customers or employees, and define an experience transformation that improves their lives.

Our experience design solutions outcomes include:

  • Improving performance, such as reduction in errors and increased traffic

  • Reducing resource burdens, such as decreased support costs and reduced training

  • Increasing adoption and engagement



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