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Conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) solutions belong to a suite of rapidly evolving technologies. While the history of chatbots can be traced back to the 1960s, today’s intelligent chatbots represent a great deal of progress.

In 2023, the best conversational AI platforms are multifaceted. On one level, they engage intelligently and sensitively with customers; on another, they triage customer concerns and escalate complex issues to trained employees.

Conversational AI tools often work alongside employees, providing additional support during employee-customer interactions. Notably, agent assists technology can support employees in real-time by offering advice, suggestions, and prompts. Additionally, sentiment analysis is a conversational AI tool that can identify a customer’s feelings surrounding a product or an interaction. By intelligently prompting the assisting agent, this CAI function can improve the outcome of the conversation and enhance the customer journey.

Conversational AI was made possible through advances in natural language processing (NLP), which supports computers’ efforts to understand and mimic human speech. As machine learning (ML) capabilities grow, conversational AI will become even more critical to good business.

Business benefits of conversational AI (CAI) solutions

  • Digital accessibility: For those who are hard of hearing, CAI is poised to be a game-changer. Relevant solutions include sound isolation, lip-reading tools, and closed caption generation.
  • 24/7 access: CAI-trained chatbots can respond to after-hours queries that would otherwise be routed to a messaging machine or an email inbox.
  • Cost efficiency: Conversational AI solutions can relieve a company’s employees of mundane, repetitive tasks, thus directing human capital to the places where it’s truly needed. For human resources (HR) professionals and healthcare administrators, this benefit can be a critical time-saver.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is inversely related to long wait times. Intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots can solve many customer problems, thus saving time and capital. Complex issues can be identified by the chatbot and rerouted.
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