Digital Customer Operations

Ensure efficient operations management through Virtusa’s support operations and chatbot services

Enterprises experience constant pressure to provide daily quality customer service while staying competitive and building for the future. The need of the hour is to provide optimized customer services across various digital channels. Businesses use new tools to understand customer demographics and preferences to deliver personalized services. Virtusa's digital operations services help gain optimized cost structures and acquire a competitive edge using insights from data like never before.

Key features

At Virtusa, we assist our clients with the concept of a digitally enabled contact center equipped to serve today's tech-savvy customers across various modes of communication.

In addition, our solutions help customers interact through digital channels that include:

  • Social media – reach your customers through performance management, content writing and optimization, SEO, lead generation, and influence management. 

  • Web self-service including mobile apps and visual IVRs – cloud-based mobile on-demand customer services solutions and outbound engagements. 

  • Video kiosks and chatbots – effective use of intelligent chatbots and video kiosks on websites to guide visitors, including main conversation points, product and services walkthroughs, and many other convenience points.

We support multilingual voice assistance with the help of experienced and skilled Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Our domain expertise in intelligent automation enables a perfect mix of human and artificial intelligence to provide a meaningful customer experience.

Digital customer support services - key features

Key benefits

The value of moving to a digital operations strategy includes:

Onboarding automation

Business ownerships

Cognitive intelligence

Data-centric business automation

Success story

Ensuring optimum content relevancy

Our client, the world’s leading hi-tech conglomerate, wanted to enhance their user experience by creating relevant and contextualized content and solving ad-revenue problems. As the preferred partner, Virtusa offered ad curation services which enabled the client to address 10.1 million URLs each year and increase its traffic by 27%. We improve the quality leads by 34%, content relevancy by 75%, and ensuring an improved user experience.



Success story

Transforming user experience

Our client, a global hi-tech company, urgently needed to optimize the user experience and search relevancy with utmost quality. Virtusa offered ad rating services and rated 20.4 million ads to enhance AI & ML capabilities. By constantly maintaining a 98% quality target, we helped the client expand their operations to EMEA and Japan.


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