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As consumer behaviors shift, innovative support solutions have become more critical than ever. Businesses should prioritize frictionless customer experiences across their product and technical support operations. This can be accomplished by providing solutions that are simple to use, accessible, and responsive to consumer needs.

As we all know, online life has become the norm for work, play, and commerce. However, internet failures cause significant problems. Poor customer service only adds to the discontent that can spread via social media. Customers expect answers quickly and effectively, so businesses must provide innovative support solutions that are accessible and self-service. This is why high-tech companies must provide efficient and transport support options to ensure their operations run smoothly.

To overcome the above mentioned hurdles, enterprises must accelerate the implementation of technical and product support transformation at a rapid and large scale.

Virtusa's digital customer operations solution offers personalized and connected customer support

We ensure timely, accurate, consistent, and professional responses across various channels with our omnichannel customer journey.  

Our omnichannel customer journey provides customers with a seamless and personalized experience across all channels, including phone, email, chatbots, apps, self-service member portals, and social media.

By leveraging digital-first customer interactions, we ensure that customers receive the convenience they desire while maintaining the human touch.

Customer support services

Key benefits

With Virtusa's digital customer operations solution, achieve expedited issue resolution through on-demand, self-service solutions that allow customers to solve problems and answer questions quickly, easily, and conveniently.

Following are the benefits that our clients experienced with our omnichannel solutions:

Improved customer satisfaction


Customers value the ability to interact with businesses through their preferred channels.

An omnichannel customer journey ensures a consistent experience across all channels, potentially increasing customer satisfaction.

Cost savings


By eliminating the need to maintain separate systems for each channel, an omnichannel customer journey can help businesses save money.


Increased efficiency


By streamlining customer interactions, an omnichannel customer journey can help businesses increase efficiency.

Increased sales


By providing a more convenient and personalized experience for customers, an omnichannel customer journey can help businesses increase sales.

Success story

Ensuring optimum content relevancy

Our client, the world’s leading hi-tech conglomerate, wanted to enhance their user experience by creating relevant and contextualized content and solving ad-revenue problems. As the preferred partner, Virtusa offered ad curation services which enabled the client to address 10.1 million URLs each year and increase its traffic by 27%. We improve the quality leads by 34%, content relevancy by 75%, and ensuring an improved user experience.



Success story

Transforming user experience

Our client, a global hi-tech company, urgently needed to optimize the user experience and search relevancy with utmost quality. Virtusa offered ad rating services and rated 20.4 million ads to enhance AI & ML capabilities. By constantly maintaining a 98% quality target, we helped the client expand their operations to EMEA and Japan.


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