Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI)

Transforming customer engagements into unique experiences

Conversational AI Solutions

With continuous technological advancement and dynamic changes, organizations constantly try to personalize engagements with their customers while reaching out to wider audiences globally. This shift is leading them to advantage, sustain, and remain competitive.

Today, the increased number of customer touchpoints necessarily urged the scaling up of intelligent bots with more innovative processes and a personalized human-like conversation engagement framework. The adaption of conversational AI helps organizations accelerate business agility with accurate operational insights and help optimize cost.

Virtusa brings years of experience to Conversational AI solutions across multiple industries. Virtusa's Conversational AI makes use of several language technologies, which include a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and deep learning. It helps our clients process and contextualize speech or text to handle and respond to inputs in the best possible way.

Conversational AI by Virtusa helps organizations become more operationally efficient and make consumer-led interactions seamless.

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