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Accelerating open banking adoption

Open banking is turning into a global trend. Changing customer preferences, accelerated tech innovation and a growing digital landscape, regulatory interventions build a disruptive potential to drive truly revolutionary change. Open banking provides vast opportunities for banks and financial institutions to reinvent their legacy systems via fast-developing technologies such as FinTechs, Microservices and APIs.

Virtusa's open banking solutions suite can help accelerate and streamline your open banking adoption.

Virtusa offers a holistic approach to open banking adoption, providing a platform, and a suite of accelerators and frameworks to get organizations ready for the API economy.

Virtusa's Powerful Open Banking Sandbox Accelerates Digital Innovation for a Leading UAE Bank

Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the Middle East reduced onboarding time of FinTechs by 75% with Virtusa's Open Innovation Platform.

White Paper: Open Banking Beyond Compliance

For the banks and financial services that are prepared to go beyond open banking compliance, changes present rich opportunities to shape innovative offerings and drive new revenues. They will open the door to non-traditional revenue-generating opportunities: API monetization. In this white paper, Virtusa surveys the current open banking landscape and puts forward recommendations for effective API monetization, including API pricing models, risk and quality control mechanisms, potential new business models, and strategies for open banking.

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