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Virtusa iComms marketplace offers an ecosystem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), technology partners, and industry forums to innovate faster and harvest unique solutions leveraging Virtusa IP.

The marketplace enables businesses with the agility to quickly adapt to changing customer demands and business priorities. It provides CSPs with tools, accelerators, and resources to build and launch new services, helping them capitalize on emerging trends and to grow new revenue streams.

By fostering innovation at scale and greater collaboration with leading technology vendors, Virtusa iComms helps CSPs to power growth and deliver beyond their customer’s expectations. It is backed by Virtusa’s Digital Transformation Studio (DTS), a delivery execution model, which balances the need to innovate and control costs.

Virtusa iComms Architecture

Virtusa iComms Marketplace
Customer-centric Solutions
Network-centric Solutions
Open APIs

AI Playground

Experience Builder

Data Genie

Code Wallet

API Academy

Knowledge Exchange

Partner Solutions
Digital Transformation Studio (DTS)



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Customer-centric Solutions

CSPs are looking at connected experience across customer touchpoints and services, digitalized operations, and business models to drive exponential growth and time-to-market. 

Our solutions present a great opportunity for CSPs to reimagine the future of communication beyond connectivity.

Success Stories

We help global organizations tackle their toughest technology challenges using innovation that truly impacts business.

5G Investments to reach $1 trillion by 2025


CSPs can capture new revenue opportunities by taking a collaborative approach to creating innovative 5G solutions.


$1.2T Opportunity for CSPs to drive Digital Transformation


Industry leaders are embracing a more collaborative approach across the partner ecosystem to ignite innovation and increase speed to market.


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