Network Plan and Build Automation

Automated network rollout, migration, commissioning, and activation workflow

Globally, as countries continue to expand their digital infrastructure and services, operators are challenged with network rollout such as fiber, cable, and 5G at a faster pace. Network plan and build, which has been traditionally very manual intensive, makes it extremely difficult for operators to meet the demand on time. 

The operational process is across project management, survey, design, planning, estimation, partner and supplier management, and implementation. The process involves thousands of technicians and suppliers, that makes it extremely difficult to manage tasks and adhere to SLAs, often resulting in unforeseen delays and handoffs. 

Automation strategies - process assessment and mining, process evaluation and workflow automation, task automation - will reduce the human dependency and speed up the end-to-end rollout process, while data captured at the task level will provide a better view of the overall program to various stakeholders through visualization and recommendations.

Virtusa’s Network Plan and Build Automation solution includes a fully automated network planning tool to reduce the dependency on skilled network planners while significantly reducing processing time.

The solution handles jeopardy to avoid project backlogs. It predicts rollout delays while enabling the business to develop an efficient plan to maximize investments by providing insights on sites that the business needs to focus on. The solution also provides support for network migrations as CSPs migrates to faster network like fiber, 5G and small cell rollouts. 

  • 60-70% of the job packs are automation
  • Single view of the inventory enabling network planners to get a 360-degree view
  • Seamless integration with partner ecosystem through API gateways 
  • Process mining to identify automation opportunities and appropriate automation frameworks to be used
  • Persona-based network rollout dashboard
Network Planning and Build Automation Solutions - Features

Powered by a persona-specific dashboard and contextual navigation, iNetOps helps clients with smart insights and project and task prediction to improve business decisioning and task management to derive more value.

Strategic partnership with Openreach

Colin Lees, Chief Technology and Information Officer for Openreach shares insights on Virtusa’s strategic partnership journey with Openreach.

Key benefits

360-degree view of network rollout status and associated activities

Reduced operational cost

Improved time to market

Faster monetization of assets

Success story

Virtusa helped a large European operator improve 95% in Right First Time via nextgen intelligent network planning platform

As part of the engagement, Virtusa provided a fully automated plan and build tool for network planners that reduced the dependency on skilled network planners while significantly reduced the processing time from 50 minutes to 1 minute per job pack delivering FTE savings of ~ £10M

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