Next-Gen Contact Center

Intent-driven contact center solution

Moving from data to Insights driving insightful & contextual Customer Service.

Traditional contact center solutions require the agent to log into multiple applications and view customer history across CRM, billing etc. This increases the time to handle and reduces the agent's efficiency and effectiveness while contributing to poor customer experience.

Shortcomings of the traditional contact center include:

  • High call handling time increasing cost to serve
  • Repeat customer calls due to the inability to resolve the problem right the first time
  • Limited customer insights to drive a contextual conversation
  • Frequent hand-offs and high call wait times resulting in low NPS
  • Inability to leverage customer information to increase revenue/up-sell
  • Manually intensive operations leading to high OPEX cost
Virtusa's Next-Gen Contact Center

An intent-driven cloud-ready solution enabling CSPs to provide insightful and contextual customer experience.

The solution moves away from providing static customer data to building real-time insights based on the data enabling the contact center agent to be effective and efficient. Our solution is designed to make customer experience contextual as well as empowering agents with intelligent tools that can accelerate call resolution.

Contact Center Solutions
Contact Center Solutions - Features
Key features

Creating an overlay platform to provide a unified experience

Virtusa's Next Generation Contact Center Solution is an overlay platform that enables CSPs to move away from data to insights-driven operations and improve customer and agent experience. Solution features include:

  • Dynamic UI rendering based on the predictive intent of the customer call
  • AI-driven recommended next-best-action across sales, service, and billing
  • Real-time sentiment analysis to understand the point of escalation
  • An intelligent virtual assistant to provide multitasking capability allowing faster query resolution
  • Monitor agent's interaction with the application to drive a personalized experience 

Key benefits

Higher NPS for contact center operations

Significant reduction in average call handling time

Improvement in cross-sell/up-sell opportunities

Reduced cost-to-serve

Lower agent training costs

Success stories

Virtusa helped a multinational communication services provider increase right first time up by 98%

Virtusa delivered a next-gen contact center application providing unified experience, insights-driven operations and self-service capabilities for 3000+ agents improving average call handling time from 23 minutes to 10 minutes and enhancing both agent and customer experience 


Pega Customer Decision Hub helps American telco giant save $1 million a month

Virtusa implements Pega Customer Decision Hub leveraging adaptive modeling for a large, US-based telecom company; helping them save $1M per month

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