Location-based Marketing

Location-based personalized customer campaigns to drive new revenue streams

CSPs are seeing their revenue decline due to the commoditization of their services and competition from OTT providers, hyperscalers, and digital services providers who are eating into their revenues. In this scenario, CSPs must try and use the wealth of customer information they have at their disposal and monetize the data. CSPs must provide products and services anytime anywhere and expand core offerings with the partner ecosystem through personalizing the experience based on the customer demographics.

Virtusa’s cloud-based data monetization platform seamlessly integrates with CSP’s and partner's ecosystem with various marketing brands.

The platform enables swift partner onboarding and intuitive GUI to configure target audience and location-based campaigns. The solution addresses following challenges:

  • Tremendously increasing data volumes
  • Inability to integrate with partner channels/enterprises
  • Resource intensive and high Capex/Opex models
  • The growing need for real-time information for business decisions
  • Lack of seamless data integration to correlate
Location-based Marketing Solutions
Key features

Virtusa location-based marketing solution helps CSPs treat ‘data’ as a ‘product’ and align their data monetization processes with their big data strategies.

It offers features such as real-time segmentation and geo-location analysis to provide personalized services, seamless integration of customers with partner channels (Retail, Healthcare, Banking etc.). Also, subscription-based APIs for customers to drive self-service and real-time view on network utilization and optimization to make informed decisions on different ways of monetizing data are offered. The solution is seamlessly integrated with OTT players and VAS providers to offer a wide range of products and bundles to improve the topline revenue. The solution has a rich set of tools and capabilities including:

  • Real-time information about customer profiles and their geo locations to provide personalized services
  • Seamlessly integrate customers with partner channels (Retail, Healthcare, Banking etc.)
  • Subscription-based APIs for enterprises to get a better insight into production services
  • Real-time view on network utilization and optimization to make informed decisions on different ways of monetizing data
  • Immediate access to customer usage buying behavior and sentiment analysis to enable cross-sell & upsell opportunities
  • Enabling partners to offer products and services and configure targeted campaigns
  • Distribution of digital coupons based on customer buying patterns
  • Revenue sharing models and dashboards

Key benefits

Improvement in cross-sell, upsell opportunities

Reduced customer churn rate

Improved network utilization

Improvement in revenue via seamless integration with partner channels

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