Cognitive Network Decisioning Platform

Drive auto-decisioning with an AI-powered overlay platform 

Predict network anomalies and outages in advance with self remediation.

Responding to network outages on time is critical for CSPs to enable uninterrupted customer service. Identifying the business impacts due to network events, responding to them, and applying optimal resolution actions are the key challenges faced by telecom network operators.

Network operators are unable to identify the root cause of network events in a timely manner and have no visibility into the business and customer experience impact due to network events. Network operators also have to spend an enormous amount of time and effort in resolving these issues, resulting in a high ‘cost to serve’ and a degraded experience. The inability to identify potential network bottlenecks during network design poses further challenges.

Virtusa’ Cognitive Decisioning Platform, an overlay platform, provides a single consolidated global view of the network enabling CSPs to proactively manage network operations. Through an innovative combination of AI, machine learning, and automation, the solution helps predict network events, event co-relation, identify main fault location, impact assessment, conduct root cause analysis and apply the most appropriate resolution steps – powered by automation bots to improve right first-time resolution.

Key features

Our solution allows CSPs to move from reactive to predictive network management in a matter of months.

 It has a rich set of tools and capabilities, including:

  • Network orchestration to seamlessly integrate with physical and virtual networks and provide a global 360-degree view
  • Decisioning platform to automate the next best action
  • Business impact view of the services, network, operations, customer, and billing in the event of an incident
  • Cognitive models to predict anomalies that will have an impact on the network
  • Accurate identification of main fault location with specifically designed algorithms
  • Self-learning AI-powered network knowledge hub that aggregates continuous data from multiple systems such as fault management, test and diagnostics, performance, and alarms, for impact assessment, root cause analysis and guided resolution
  • Voice-enabled interactions to bring agility to day-to-day operations
Cognitive Network Solutions - Key Features
Key benefits


  • Improvement in operational SLA adherence
  • Reduction in cost to serve
  • Reduction in service desk and technician dispatch
  • Improvement in right first time and fault detection accuracy
Cognitive Network Solutions - Success Story
Success story

Virtusa delivered a fault prediction platform for a global communication services provider

The solution enabled fault prediction up to 10 days in advance with 90% accuracy delivering 55% reduction in manual incident creation and 65% improvement of DOA

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