Digital Marketplace

Platform for bundling cross industry products with a seamless, consistent user journey

CSPs operate in a highly commoditized market and need to drive product and service differentiation at every step of their customer journey.

The explosive growth of digital service providers, OTT providers, and hyperscalers further eats into the CSP revenue. To improve their topline and keep them relevant in the highly competitive market, CSPs need to partner with adjacent markets like banking, insurance, and healthcare to provide differentiated service offerings. However, the current eCommerce platforms are not suited for such partnerships, and there are complications in revenue share, settlements, loyalty management, and customer experience. Virtusa’s Digital Marketplace solution addresses these through an innovative combination of technology, including blockchain for settlement and loyalty management.

The Digital Marketplace facilitates growth by allowing seamless integration with partners and suppliers, enabling a connected experience for consumers and enterprises. The platform will enable growth by leveraging various commercial revenue models. It can help address the most common challenges:

  • Need to move away from a linear based selling relationship with the subscriber to a platform-based business model
  • Limitations associated with developing technical and operational capabilities to offer innovative product offerings and business models
  • Lack of consistency when serving customers across all sales channels
Key features

Seamless integration of partners and suppliers enabling a connected experience driving growth

Digital Marketplace enables CSPs to offer a single platform to their enterprise customers to buy cross-industry (insurance, banking, healthcare) products and services. The platform allows seamless integration with partners and suppliers, enabling bundling of services and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. The solution has a rich set of tools and capabilities:

  • Onboarding partners suppliers and technology service providers
  • Display partner products and services (communications and adjacent) to the marketplace
  • Providing dynamic bundling options for consumer and enterprises
  • Single identity, loyalty, transactions, settlements through CSP blockchain platform
  • Exposing CSP products and services via API’s and SDK’s for enterprises to consume and offer white-labelled services
  • New commercial and business models based on subscription and bundles
Digital Marketplace Solution - Key Features
Digital Marketplace Solution - Key Benefits
Key benefits
  • Improvement in topline through adjacent service offerings and bundles
  • Faster cycle time to launch new products and services using our pre-integrated framework
  • Fully automated processes across customer life cycle
  • Improvement in NPS by providing a delightful customer experience using SDK and intent-based UI

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