Unified Network Inventory

Logical, physical, and service inventory management and orchestration.

Network and technology evolution has resulted in ever-increasing complex products and services. The industry is moving towards a single solution for physical and virtual, and service inventory management and orchestration. To succeed in a highly competitive market, your CSP needs to have a unified view of their network inventory, move from RDMS to graphical databases, drive deeper integration between physical, virtual, logical and customer inventory, and focus towards intent-based networking. Virtusa’s Unified Network Inventory solution is geared to address the following challenges and industry expectations. 

  • Inability to identify the root cause of network issues on time
  • Disparate inventory management systems across network technologies and solutions
  • Lack of visibility into business impact in case of network events
  • High operational costs due to data accuracy in inventory and out of sync with the network
  • Nonscalable platform, not ready for new technologies – Small Cells, 5G, SDN/NFV
  • Slow network rollout due to monolithic, static, and extensive manual-driven planning system

Virtusa’s unified network inventory solution creates a single consolidated inventory encompassing both traditional fixed-line as well as mobile networking technologies, including 5G to accelerate the plan and build of multi-technology complex networks.

The solution is built on a graphical database to bring out the complex relationships between the network elements like ports, cards, devices, etc. Benefits include a better view of the overall inventory landscape, faster activation of services, and improved right first time.

  • One-stop inventory for network planning
  • A single view of inventory – network, servers, database, containers and applications and intent-based networking
  • Graphical database to detail out the relationships between various network elements - both physical, logical, and virtual
  • Supports 3G, 4G, and 5G network elements
  • Supported with 3D-based network visualization to help understand and navigate better
Network Inventory Management Solutions - Features

Success story

Virtusa delivered a unified network inventory platform to support a digital transformation initiative of the UK’s major Telco resulting in scalable, cost effective and open source single inventory truth

Virtusa created open API standards-based single inventory for PLS in conformance with TM Forum, OASIS, and IETF standards. The solution delivered multimillion-dollar savings in Capex through the reconciliation of network assets and the adoption of NetSecOps.

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