5G and Edge Compute

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5G has attained critical mass as the commercially available global deployments and rollouts are scaling at speed. Joining the bandwagon are the device manufacturers, who are expected to sell nearly half the handsets as 5G phones while steadily building the connectivity in industrial devices.

A billion subscribers across the U.S. and Europe are already on 5G networks. Therefore, the promise of a higher data speed and reduced latency must directly translate into attainable business objectives to unlock the true potential of 5G and Edge. 

As with 4G, 5G will have numerous impacts on businesses. It will disrupt business models across industries while creating new revenue sources beyond data and connectivity. It is estimated that $4.3 trillion enterprise value will be unlocked using 5G by 2026 across industries. So, enterprises must refactor connectivity as a foundational ingredient in their multiyear digital and cloud transformation plans. They also need to rethink application design and create a future-proof architecture to deliver a better customer experience, add new revenue opportunities, increase operational efficiency, and improve ROI.


5G Solutions
Virtusa’s 5G offerings

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Leverage Virtusa’s 5G offerings to bridge the domain and connectivity divide with our cross-functional team of experts.

Our key offerings are:


Virtusa has provided consultancy services for 300+ client engagements in digital transformation, app designing, cloud transformation, and network designing. We help organizations combine business, design, and data with proven methodologies, tools, and comprehensive frameworks to ace their 5G and Edge game. With offerings that drive collaboration, improve efficiency, and empower teams, Virtusa helps deliver better business outcomes that accelerate ROI.

Business advisory

  • Advisory/target operating model
  • Impact of regulations
  • Business process reengineering /Business process management

Planning and assessment

  • Property audit analysis
  • Radio prediction and validation
  • Small cell design and deployment
  • Cybersecurity assessment

Technical advisory

  • Public vs. private edge advisory
  • Use case identification
  • Decomposition of the use case for edge
  • Edge target operating model

Human-centric design

  • Operating model/process reengineering
  • Customer experience design
Lab as a Service (LaaS)

5G and Edge Lab for enterprises to decompose, design, build, and test their applications.

The lab also acts as a catalyst to expedite solution hypothesis validation and help realize how 5G and Edge augment cloud capability, increase adoption of emerging technologies, and enhance digital transformation initiatives enterprises have embarked upon.

  • Enables cross deployment testing across Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, 4G, 5G NSA, 5G SA, private network, hyperscalers Edge, and smaller Edge providers
  • Reimagine application architecture leveraging connectivity speed and bandwidth
  • Critical service solutions that are sensitive to changes in QoS can be tested with network management modules to enable network slicing, traffic prioritization, and routing through QoS service assurance dashboards
  • Preloaded technology blocks include accelerators on analytics, data APIs, AR/VR, etc.
  • 16+ Virtusa proprietary domain-based business solutions: communication(iComms), banking (OIP), healthcare and life sciences(vLife®), IoT (Cognisense)


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