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Digital Self-care

Reduce operational costs through digital self-service adoption 

As revenue and margin pressures force CSPs to focus on cost savings, one of the areas that are traditionally expensive to manage is customer operations. CSPs are looking to reduce the operational cost by shifting many of the tasks ‘left’ i.e. towards the customers. Digital self-service is the overarching term for customer service tactics that empower end-users to independently resolve issues or answer questions through digital channels via a variety of approaches including – knowledge portals, chatbots, automated IVR, expert’s community groups, etc. Further advances in technology like AI/ML, AR/VR allow CSPs to leverage these to further digital self-service and provide unique and differentiated propositions to customers. As per a Gartner report “self-service is becoming the norm as customers increasingly expect an effortless experience at scale.” They predict that by 2022, 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service.

Virtusa’s self-care catalog offers a variety of solutions that empowers customers and engineers to drive self-service adoption.

Digital Self-care Solutions - Features

The augmented reality (AR) enabled self-service solution helps customers to self-install, test, and diagnose issues.

Virtual digital assistance solution (AI Chatbot) uses voice interactions via Alexa, Google Home, and Siri along with a simple text-based request/response mechanism to contextualize conversation. Network engineers can test and diagnose and resolve the issue through AR and AI-powered chatbot integrated with API and knowledge hub. All solutions are channel-agnostic and can be deployed on multiple customer touchpoints.

The solutions address the following challenges.

  • High operational cost to serve
  • High contact center call volumes
  • Low adoption of self-service
  • Low customer NPS

Key features

The solution has a rich set of tools and capabilities

AI-powered chatbot and voice assistant to drive self-service adoption

  • Enables voice interactions via Alexa, Google Home, and Siri along with simple text-based request/response
  • Provides microservices based Digital Experience Layer driving connected customer experience
  • As a channel-agnostic solution, it enables easy deployment on multiple customer touchpoints
  • Provides real-time sentiment and text analysis
  • Generates textual and visual responses

AR/VR powered app to drive self-service setup and diagnostics

  • Performs real-time device setup and diagnostics with AI-powered smart guided resolution based on historical analysis of the device
  • Enables hands-on experience of various type of network devices and circuits without physical devices in a training lab
  • Supports the configuration and diagnostic capability of thousands of network devices as an in-built feature
  • Enables AR and AI-driven image recognition

Key benefits

Reduction in calls coming to the contact center

Reduction in FTE cost

Accuracy in solving customer queries

Improvement in NPS as the bots are integrated across customer touchpoints

Success story

Virtusa delivered an augmented reality self-service application for customer onboarding, reducing cumulative PTC cost savings

Virtusa delivered a SmartHub app leveraging augmented reality (AR) to develop a mobile application for device setup, self-diagnostics, and reporting resulting in savings of ~ £880K during the first year

Success story

Virtusa helped a large communication services provider reduce operational costs through self-serve capabilities 

Virtusa delivered an  AI-powered virtual digital assistant for 1.5M subscribers resulting in a 15% reduction in calls to the contact center.

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