Subscriber 360+

Deliver a hyper-personalised customer experience

Evolve from static customer profile to dynamic customer profile.

Customers are accustomed to personalized services across brands and industries and expect no less from their CSPs. On their part, CSPs must closely analyze sentiment, spend patterns, behaviors, and interests to create a dynamic subscriber (customer) profile to contextualize and personalize the experience across exploring, buying, service, and billing journeys.

Typical problems that beset most CSPs include the lack of single customer identity, data redundancy and duplication across production systems, split records, legacy data and systems limiting transformation opportunities, and siloed stacks.

Virtusa's Subscriber 360+

offers a unified customer profile with dynamic segmentation based on customers’ network insight, social analysis, products, and services to drive customer insights.

Subscriber 360+

The solution provides a single view of customer’s information across service lines. AI-guided customer journeys help predict ARPU, CLV, churn propensity, revenue, and NPS.

The solution enables CSPs to

  • Aggregate data across multiple business units and functionally disparate systems to create a single reference of the customer
  • Adopt consistent processes and policies to standardize data and incorporate business and customer-centric rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system
  • Enable dynamic profiling of customer leveraging real-time insights across orders, billing records, activities, incidents, and transaction details
  • Segment customers based on demographics, including ARPU, insight into family and friends, and geo-locations
  • Predict customer lifetime revenue, churn propensity, and satisfaction with a high degree of accuracy
Key features

360° customer view for a 360° experience

Virtusa Subscriber 360+ provides a unified view of the customer, predicting key KPIs in real-time to personalize the customer experience better. The solution has a rich set of tools and capabilities, including –

  • Trained AI models to predict ARPU, Churn propensity, Revenue, CLV, and NPS with high levels of accuracy (> 90%)
  • Customer Interaction history and insights across channels
  • Pre-built adaptors into Network & OSS systems, social media platforms, billing, and usage systems to provide a holistic overall experience indicator
  • Real-time dashboards providing real-time customer sentiment
  • Next best action models

Key benefits

Enhanced sales process efficiency

Reduction in churn

Higher data accuracy

Increase in up-sell/cross-sell opportunities

Improvement in NPS score

Success story

Reduced customer churn by 40% for for a leading telco

Virtusa delivered a customer data platform leveraging Subscriber 360+ and analytics hub to create a 360-degree view of customers

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