Intelligent Business Process Automation for CSPs

Automate business processes and gain operational efficiencies with cost optimization

Automation remains one of the most sought-after approaches to cost optimization in the telecom industry. However,  automation is bolted on as an afterthought on poorly conceived processes that are often decades old.

As such, there are very few (if any) benefits that are realized through automation. Automation is also often implemented without revisiting the impact on the underlying customer, employee, and brand experience and with no focus on how automation and AI can improve productivity.

Virtusa’s Intelligent Business Process Automation takes a holistic view of processes, systems, and operating models. Through process mining, we identify opportunities for AI-led automation across customer, network, and billing operations. We help automate manual operations across billing, service, and customer care operations, even for legacy stacks with limited integration. The solution enables CSPs to reduce operational costs while at the same time improve operational efficiency.

Our solution is backed by consulting-led methodologies to identify use cases and strong partnerships with leading RPA vendors. We ensure seamless integration of RPA with Cognitive and AI technologies across channels such as online, call center, POS, and mobile.

Key features

Our solution eliminates manual touchpoints on 60+ processes across contact centre operations, revenue assurance, service and network operations.

The solution has a rich set of tools and capabilities including:

  • Robust consulting and assessment framework
  • Prebuilt accelerators across the order, service, and billing functions
  • Microservices-based integration
  • Robotics dashboard to measure the automation maturity



Business Process Automation for CSPs - Key Features
Business Process Automation for CSPs - Key Benefits
Key benefits
  • Significant savings in OPEX by reducing FTEs
  • Faster cycle time for repetitive processes
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
  • High uptick in accuracy and productivity
  • Faster processing time via intelligent bots

Success story

Virtusa delivered an AI/ML-powered mailroom automation solution reducing the average invoice recall rate by 90% for a global telecommunication company

The solution included our off-the-shelf open-source, AI-powered Smart Document Processing (V-SDP) with capabilities to scan invoices, contracts, and bills from multiple sources and formats. This enabled seamless reconciliation of the accounts payable process and data extraction from various fields resulting in a 100% increase in precision and 96% increase in overall accuracy.

Success story

Virtusa helped a large European operator improve 95% in Right first time via nextgen intelligent network planning platform 

As part of the engagement, Virtusa identified 65 processes across plan, build, provisioning, activation, and supplier management which was managed by approximately 1500 FTEs. Virtusa delivered an intelligent planning tool for network planners with fully automated capabilities that reduced the dependency on skilled network planners while significantly reducing processing time from 50 minutes to 1 minute per job pack and achieving FTE savings by ~ £10M.

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