Driving Self-service through Interactive Retail Experiences

For your brick-and-mortar shops to make a comeback in the digital-first customer mindspace, they need to innovate with their customer journeys. 

With virtual being the new normal, your retail stores needs to be transformed with smart technologies to increase self-service adoption and provide customers with a more intuitive and engaging experience from home. 

In the current business context, AR and VR is re-defining the ‘future of experience’ where millennials are choosing such channels to interact considering its ability to provide a more intuitive and gamified experience.

Virtusa provides a connected experience for customers shopping from home through an augmented in-store experience to drive self service capabilities across channels and value chain.

Interactive Retail Solutions - Key Features
Key features

Virtusa’s interactive retail comprises of 3 unique solutions - Agentless Interactions (Digital Wall), At-Home Experience (VR) and Connected Experience (AR).

  • Agentless Interactions (Digital Wall)
    AI-powered conversational digital wall provides an immersive and conversational experience with facial recognition, lift & learn, product simulation features for improved explore and buy journeys at retail outlets.
  • At-Home Experience (Virtual Reality) 
    Virtusa’s VR powered in-store retail experience with end-to-end smart "endless aisle" delivers the finest experience and customer engagement. The Web VR enabled solution recreates the retail store shopping experience for customers providing a more intuitive and fun filled solution, enabling customers to enjoy retail shopping experience from their homes. 
  • Connected Experience (Augmented Reality)
    Virtusa’s AR powered in-store experience provides a more engaging and immersive retail experience transforming retail of the future. The solution provides an AR driven gamified in-store experience with capabilities to point and discover at store and “try-before-you-buy” experience.  
Interactive Retail Solutions - Key Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Higher customer satisfaction and NPS score
  • Faster cycle time in making a buy decision
  • Reduction in FTE cost at CSP retail stores
  • Improvement in in-store upsell

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