Humanize your crisis response

through intelligent process automation

This crisis impacts the global economic landscape at an unprecedented scale, with long-lasting implications that are yet to unfold. The downstream impact on business is difficult to predict at this time.

Whatever the effect on the enterprise is in the long-term, being adaptive and efficient will give organizations the best chance to flourish. Leaders are employing many strategies to get nimble, and automation is a crucial lever in delivering immediate value.

Virtusa provides intelligent process automation (IPA/RPA) services that deliver efficiencies for our clients across business functions from customer-facing front-office processes, to improving straight through processing, and increasing shared services capacity in focus areas like human resources, legal, finance and accounting.

How can Virtusa help you?
How can Virtusa help you?
  • Engage Expert Resources: Certified automation experts who are experienced in industry-leading tools, such as BluePrism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, OCR/HCR and chatbot platforms are equipped to work from home across the globe.
  • Implement our AI accelerators: Leverage our AI/ML model workbench solution with pre-built machine learning models to accelerate training for new use cases.
  • Leverage our Command Center Framework to monitor work-from-home productivity: Assist organizations to track and monitor remote, distributed teams and assess bottlenecks and SLA adherence across disparate automated applications with our vBrain platform.

Virtusa has helped its clients achieve significant cost savings by implementing intelligent automation in the following ways:

  • Maintains the quality of the customer experience during high call volume periods, by increasing the efficiency of call center agents with attended bots on each agent’s desktop. The bot eliminates redundant tasks, cross-references disparate systems, and provides intelligent guidance to your agents (Reduced average handling time by 30%, increased first call resolution by 22% and reduced FTE costs by 27%).

  • Supports over-burdened HR departments through conversational AI services that answer FAQs, and provide high touch services to employees (Reduced mean time-to-resolve by 40% and administration costs by 36%).

  • Reduces time taken for contract renegotiation by applying AI and natural language processing techniques to extract relevant clauses and provisions that need to be renegotiated (Reduced time for contract analysis by 80% and legal expenses by 23%).

  • Accelerated invoice processing cycles to meet revised payment terms and avoid missing early payment discounts by leveraging AI and ML with intelligent OCR (Reduced manual intervention by over 60% and processing costs by over 35%).

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