Process AI

Ensuring process improvements with digitization and machine learning (ML)

Enterprises are looking at new approaches to provide direct insight into process automation using real-time data and decisions. By leveraging the data, they want to provide better personalization and optimize customer outcomes. Process AI solves this problem by combining automation with real-time AI and event processing for innovative process optimization.

Process AI, leveraging Pega platforms and Virtusa’s expertise, unleashes an intelligent automation capability with real-time data and event processing to optimize business outcomes and improve process effectiveness. It is an approach where the platform automation capabilities and AI and decisioning capabilities are leveraged. 

Transforming processes with Process AI

Virtusa empowers businesses to inject decisions and outcomes into the case lifecycle through simple clicks.

Virtusa is an Elite Pega Partner with over 20 years of experience delivering over 250 Pega implementations and over 50 modernization programs. We have deepened our capabilities of the Pega central “brain,” the “center out” business architecture, and widened the opportunities for businesses to build Process AI capabilities through: 

  • Out-of-the-box case predictions: An adaptive case resolution status model to act on and learn from historical case data
  • Custom predictive models: AI-driven decisions in case processing

Our differentiated discipline and advanced business architecture techniques enable us to maintain focus and consensus through long transformations to deliver:

  • Amazing Pega competency: Deep intimacy with the technology, high-ranking analyst recognition, recipient of many Pega industry excellence awards 
  • Prefabricated assets: Several verticalized, outcome-focused IT assets (available on Pega Marketplace), libraries of templates, and knowledge assets
Process AI



Process AI solutions

Move from reactive to proactive by triaging and listening to real-time data streams.

Process AI aligns with Virtusa’s digital process automation (DPA) practice’s vision to help drive business growth through digital transformation by improving operations, increasing productivity, and providing real-time business intelligence built on robust IT infrastructure. Our DPA journey begins by understanding the process network through process discovery, analysis, and potential redesign to optimize. Some of our DPA capabilities align well with Process AI.

Using our Process AI capabilities, we are helping clients with the following:

Increased process efficiency to reduce cycle time

Increased process effectiveness to drive better business outcomes

Increased agility to take proactive action

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