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Driving digital excellence by harnessing the power of process optimization

Business operations, processes, or workflows are present everywhere and can manifest in diverse formats. They may be embedded in commercial off-the-shelf IT solutions, interconnected through legacy systems, or informally conveyed through emails and notes. Therefore, business process digitization is critical to any digital transformation initiative. The challenges include:

  • The complexity of comprehending legacy IT processes or cultural norms
  • Making the appropriate decisions in constructing a leveraged process network
  • Ensuring accurate articulation of business architecture in the technical architecture with requirements clarity and elicitation practices
  • Making the right choices of technical tools
  • Cultivating consensus and user adoption, and many other anxiety-provoking imperatives
  • Leveraging digital tools and technologies to optimize their operational workflows

At Virtusa, we believe that an organization’s business processes are critical assets that require exclusive curation to achieve operational excellence, sustainability, and competitive differentiation. Our process advisory expertise provides a battle-hardened perspective on process discovery, re-engineering, digitization, orchestration, automation, and process AI.

Our approach to process advisory

Our approach is based on a mature consulting paradigm to ensure sound decision-making for automation, aligned priorities, appropriate tools and platforms usage, predictable delivery, with scalable, durable, and supportable assets.

When venturing to transform business processes, we recommend a strong partner with competencies across this diverse intersection of disciplines. We have deep experience in Digital Process Automation (DPA) and advanced engineering competency leveraging differentiating discipline and prefabricated digital automation assets. Our advisory engagement helps clients with:

  • Process analysis and technology evaluation
  • DPA strategy development
  • Establishing KPIs for continuous improvement
  • Leveraging digital technologies and best practices to enhance operational efficiency
  • Decreasing costs and improved customer experiences
  • Driving innovation within organizations
  • Understanding business operations and discovering optimization opportunities
  • Gaining insights for process improvement using built-in analytics and process maps
  • Identifying improvement areas and charting the future roadmap


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