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In today's fast-paced business environment, the pressure to keep up with the rate of change has become a constant challenge. From fickle regulators to evolving customer expectations, disruptive technology to innovation, the agents of change seem relentless. This puts agility at the forefront of success, and it is no longer a trend but a critical path to survival and competition. However, achieving agility takes work; it requires engineering experience and techniques to identify and address the challenges organizations face.

Process digitization is one of the most effective ways businesses can use emerging technologies to update existing processes, remain agile, and strengthen their competitive footing. Virtusa’s Process Digitization is the answer for the agility imperative. We developed our engineering expertise, techniques, and accelerators over many years of experience to drive scale, supportability, and value. By implementing solutions that include core digital technologies such as AI, robotic process automation (RPA), and advanced analytics, we help companies gain immediate benefits while establishing a foundation for more significant gains to strategic value that come with the broader implementation of digital transformation.

Our approach to process digitization

At Virtusa, we believe that a well-designed business process can only add value if it is properly deployed, adopted, and monitored. Therefore, our process governance lifecycle directs us toward process digitization after navigating the process discovery and design phase or re-engineering and improvement. By incorporating AI, challenging departmental boundaries, and leveraging automation, process digitization drives process compliance and business activity monitoring and unlocks much more. 

We have made significant impacts by applying process automation and digitization to key business problems:

  • 40%+ improvement in lending application processing cycles
  • Improved customer issue resolution times by 40% by leveraging AI and RPA
  • Improved the account payables lifecycle by 40% by applying AI and RPA
  • Enabled 10% increase in approval rate (risk neutral) for student loan portfolio
  • Automated the processing of member applications by 60% by applying smart OCR
Approach to process digitization

Greater efficiency and accuracy in process digitization.

Our digital platform offerings cover a wide range of solutions, including:

DPA has a clear goal for process digitization.  It involves capturing and documenting long-standing business processes in a digital environment. Process digitization is when the re-imagined process is articulated in case management to drive compliance and visibility.

Case management

  • Preordained and/or improvised
  • Serialized and/or asynchronous
  • A network of processes working together to resolve a potentially complex piece of work

To ensure successful process digitization, following the Business Process Management governance lifecycle and conducting robust process discovery, re-engineering, and improvement exercises is crucial. It also enables organizations to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the benefits of process digitization.

Automation also enables a seamless connection of people and systems, providing insights for service orchestration and supporting process digitization for automation, ultimately reducing manual intervention, and driving cost savings through:

  • Optimization - improving process compliance, reducing errors, and enhancing business visibility
  • Integration - connecting people and systems, service orchestration insights, process digitization for automation
  • Streamlining – less manual intervention, increased efficiency, and cost savings

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