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Process discovery is crucial in forming IT assets and monitoring their performance impact. Digital Process Automation can bring significant value to your organization from the outset. It helps you develop valuable IT assets to monitor their performance impact.

Understanding business processes is challenging when they are elusive and buried in legacy IT systems or tribal knowledge. Therefore, some techniques help extract readily available expertise and monitor real users' movements to improve actual processes. By discovering, monitoring, and improving these processes, businesses can unlock greater efficiencies and productivity. It is all about gaining insight from event logs and clipboard activities.

Our approach to process discovery

Virtusa is in proud partnerships with several process and task mining solution vendors with whom we have derived demonstrable value through insights we've recovered from their products. Virtusa has also provided disciplined elicitation and documentation for greater value through these technologies and multiple techniques and accelerators.

Our approach to uncovering business processes within organizations and improving process efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing constituent engagement is threefold:

Measure: how your processes run across all source systems

  • Real-time data collection
  • Patented process visualization

Know: execution gaps and their root causes in real time

  • AI and ML root-cause analysis
  • Process conformance and benchmarking

Act: to prevent or close execution gaps through automation or action

  • Outcome-based prioritization 
  • Next-best-action recommendations
Digital process discovery

Virtusa's process discovery offerings

When digitizing or automating business processes, we recommend engaging in process discovery to get started and as an ongoing practice. Virtusa's process discovery offerings guide clients in choosing the correct and relevant processes to automate and maximize the value of automation through:

  • Process mining: gather data related to a business process to uncover significant trends and insights
  • Process analysis: gain actionable insights from the data
  • RPA integration: for seamless integration of processes across systems
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: AI-powered cross-app data collection and modeling eliminate bias, errors, and rework
  • Process visualization and reporting: top-level to drill-down details of processes across regions, teams, or apps.

By using the innovative approach to our process discovery services, we have been able to achieve the following:

  • Capture real-time business user activities
  • Generate reports for process improvement
  • Identify automation opportunities
  • Implement RPA with confidence

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