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In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, automation is no longer just about efficiency and productivity; it has become a key driver of differentiation and exceptional customer experiences. Yet, many organizations face significant challenges when it comes to process automation. Some challenges include a lack of information and well-defined business outcome about processes leading to failures, implementations starting without well-defined business outcomes, the complexity of processes, and overhyping possibilities. 

Automation in the Digital Process Automation (DPA) context accounts for a broad amalgamation of technical capabilities, case management, business rules management, and robotics. Process discovery, design, re-engineering, and digitization pave the way for harnessing automation opportunities. This is achieved by streamlining digitized processes and eliminating human tasks, resulting in decreased operational costs. Moreover, automation helps address various challenges related to a distributed workforce, such as burnout and attrition. Additionally, it enhances personalized experiences for customers.

Streamline, innovate, and excel

Engaging with an experienced partner is crucial when discerning process automation's diverse and disrupted landscape. At Virtusa, we have cultivated the ability to glean the right tooling, understand the context, and adopt the right automation mindset for many years. This has positioned us as a leader in technical automation capabilities. Our approach encompasses addressing the needs of various stakeholders, including operational excellence, employee experience, and customer experience.

We simplify, eliminate, automate, and innovate crucial business requirements by taking a holistic approach. This shift allows us to move from isolated efforts focused on efficiency to coordinated endeavors to enhance customer, employee, and partner experiences.

  • Simplify: Identify areas of complexity to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  • Eliminate: Identify and remove non-value-added activities to optimize resource allocation and enhance productivity.
  • Automate: Sustainable end-to-end automation and process digitization to automate manual tasks, reducing errors and improving process efficiency. 
  • Innovate: Harness the power of AI-ML and cognitive technologies to provide up-to-the-moment solutions. 



Process automation services



Virtusa engineering-first approach

Enhanced process automation consulting paradigm and industry-specific expertise

At Virtusa, we leverage our well-established OPTIMA consulting paradigm and industry-specific solutions to expedite the achievement of impactful results. This methodology empowers us to rapidly evaluate, clarify, and create a prototype of a future vision for our clients. By employing this approach, we enhance the likelihood of successful implementation projects by fostering clarity and consensus among all stakeholders. Our digital process automation scope includes an execution strategy and a mix of process enablement technologies and disciplines:

Process or task mining

Discover, monitor, and improve real processes by extracting knowledge from event logs or monitoring user activities.

Process AI

Improves the performance of digitized processes by observing execution patterns.


Process automation

Streamlining digitized processes by removing human inputs, leading to error reduction, increased speed, improved quality, cost minimization, and simplified business processes.

Process re-engineering and improvement

Incremental or radical redesign of business processes to achieve productivity, cycle time, and quality improvements.

Process digitization and orchestration

Articulating long-living business processes in a digital environment using case management involves multiple processes working together toward a common business outcome.

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