Intelligent Process Automation

Automate complex processes to mitigate turnaround time and operating costs

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Services

Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation are fueling a new era in automation.

Businesses are leveraging this opportunity by automating small rule-based tasks to complex business processes. To respond to this dynamic trend, organizations need superior automation capabilities. 

Virtusa's Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) combines multiple technologies to automate complex end-to-end business processes that involve decision-making and continuous learning. 

IPA leverages its capabilities from various technologies like:

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA): Automation of rule-based repetitive tasks using a computer-centric process through the User Interface (UI) either attended or unattended by the agent. 
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Extract data from digital and physical formats to machine coded text parsing for AI cognitive services. 
  • Business Process Management: Automate multi-step business processes. by connecting complex IT infrastructure tailored to organizational needs.
  • AI cognitive services: A set of AI-enabled services such as Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Reading, Machine Language, Deep Learning and Computer Vision for strategic planning, decision making and continued learning .
  • Conversational AI: Automated bots that use AI to provide personalized customer interactions.
  • Process Mining: Analyses process-related information captured in event logs generated by enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM to discover processes and create process maps.

Users can mix and match these capabilities to suit their business models to augment unrealized business potential offered by IPA.

Intelligent process automation accommodates structured and unstructured data from sources to streamline and automate business operations helping businesses to: 

  • Automate end-to-end business operations 
  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Personalize customer experience 
  • Optimize workforce productivity 
  • Cost reduction

Intelligent Process Automation solution benefits users by solves multiple challenges in specific domains 

Banking and Financial services

  • Sanction screening and invoice processing: Helping financial institutions build a deep learning engine to detect and learn false positive patterns in transaction screening 
  • KYC Remediation and Money Laundering: Filters to prevent, detect, review and report suspicious money laundering transactions. 
  • Automated customer on-boarding: Automates KYC and name screening process to remove false positives during customer on-boarding using RPA and ML 
  • Data capture technology: Process large volume of invoices without creating new templates and rules for invoice layouts

Healthcare, Insurance & Life Sciences

  • Automated claims processing: Capture, extract, validate and export of claims data from diverse data points for final deliberation, analysis, and reimbursement
  • Clinical Data Transfer Scheduler (CDTS): Automates transfer of clinical trial data from source systems to a data management folder within the Clinical Users Working Environment (CLUWE).

Emerging Businesses

  • Back-office automation: Automates back-office processes and transactions through conversational AI, task automation, ingestion engines (OCR) and ML-driven solutions
  • Robotized IT operations: Automates primary levels (L0-L1) of the IT support with RPA, ML, and Natural Language Processing, for bots to automatically manage IT tickets

Virtusa's IPA capabilities

Six key pillars to stay ahead of the curve

Robust partner ecosystem: Be the engineering partner of choice

Customer collaboration: Co-create and co-innovate with clients to accelerate outcomes

Industry focus: Strong domain capabilities to offer industry-specific solutions

Solutions/platforms: Invest in developing solutions/platforms, POC Factory and labs

Strong talent pipeline: Automation Academy across industries

Commercial models: Offer commercial models like self-funding and risks/rewards

A host of industry-specific solutions

Virtusa's IPA Capability Centre provides the right technology, process assessment framework, and accelerators to respond at the speed of change.

700+ automation team


Vertical and horizontal focus

End-to-end IPA services

Virtusa's IPA Methodology

PA CoE Framework

  • IPA demand management
  • Robotics evangelization
  • Process library
  • Process assessment
  • Process elaboration
  • Use case to technology map
  • Automation roadmap
  • Business case modeling
  • Incentive management

Technology strategy

  • Robotics and cognitive technology evaluation
  • Vendor and SI engagement
  • Infra-demand analysis and setup
  • Risk and security review
  • System and environment access
  • Bot user policy

IPA delivery

  • Solution design
  • Technical program management
  • Use case implementation
  • Best practice formulation and implementation
  • Quality assurance



Bot deployment & support model

  • Bot monitoring
  • Bot platform maintenance
  • Operational acceptance
  • User retraining
  • Multi-tool environment management
  • Support teams
  • Continuous improvement

IPA benefits realization

  • Definition of value indicators
  • Cost modeling
  • ROI measurement and reporting
  • Organizational change management

Automation program governance

  • Automation program management
  • Architectural governance
  • Risk and security management
  • Consultant/vendor selection
  • Staff planning and retraining
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